In the region of Buryatia Zaigraevsky released a trial batch of biofuel

In the region of Buryatia Zaigraevsky solve one of the major problems the timber industry — processing of wood waste. The enterprise has made a test batch of pellets — biofuels, which is obtained from the bark, sawdust, wood chips and other waste wood.

Finished product is extruded pellets standard size. Lines for the production of pellets in Buryatia until the two: in the "Baikal Forest Company" and LLC "Alex." Enterprises have received assistance under the national programs of state support.

The government of Buryatia interest to small businesses are being actively implemented projects for the production of biofuels — fuel pellets, wood pellets, wood chips, wood-plastic composite. This will help to solve the complex problem of waste wood processing industry.

In the future we plan to create in each district of the republic collection points and recycling of wood waste.

Today, the Company "Alex" completed the construction of a warehouse for finished products of fuel briquettes. In addition, the company intends to popularize fuel boilers, which produced pellets.

To date, more than biofuel demand in Mongolia and Korea. 

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