In the Republic of Sakha tornado swept through the ancient horsemen in


Unusual, mystical event occurred on June 27 in the village of Ust-Aldan Sottintsy ulus (Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) — Ed.). During a storm on the terrain walked mini-tornadoes and locals saw them inside 20 silhouettes of galloping horsemen with ancient weapons. The same thing happened the next day, but this time there were only three riders.

Sasha Pavlov, 8th grade student school number 2 in Yakutsk, a witness:
— My friend and I, as usual, walked through the village. At first I did not notice the sky shrouded in thick, dark clouds. Strong wind got up and began to chase the dust. Then the corner of my eye I saw the oncoming tornado, inside of which there were some dark shapes. My friend and I looked closer and realized that these figures have the outlines of people on horseback. There were about twenty. They seem to move at a time. We watched it for a while, until the tornado was out of the shop "Uygulaah Alaas." We ran and told all the other cousin. She was scared, and we all ran home. Home grandmother said it was a bad omen for something. I do not know what to think.

Today, about three o'clock in the afternoon I again saw the phenomenon. At this time, there was a small tornado and the horsemen were two or three.

Alla Mestnikova, resident. Sottintsy, an eyewitness:
— I was standing near the store. Wind blew and raised dust all around became brown. Nearby were the boys, they and pointed me to a tornado, within which I could see two shadows. Looking closer, you could see that these people, galloping on horseback … No beliefs and predictions on this point I do not know, so do not even know how to react.

Twister — atmospheric vortex that arises in the storm clouds, and extends down to earth in the form of a cloud or trunk hose, which has a diameter of up to hundreds of meters. Inside the cone formed air is constantly rising, while rotating, so they create a region with a highly rarefied air.

Until now, very difficult to determine the air speed inside the funnel. Under assumptions, it can reach 1,500 km / h The very same funnel to move at an average speed of 60 km / h

In Yakutia, fortunately, tornadoes are rare and do not have such a destructive force, as for example in America. And in Russia last tornado went through the territory around the city of Blagoveshchensk, lifting into the air vehicles and large trucks. Prior to that, in October 2010, a tornado went through the southern regions of the country. As a result, in the city of Sochi, he threw a big ship on dry land, planted in the Kuban river vessel aground.

As for the unusual spectacle, then one can choose an explanation to taste — or it's really kind of eerie foreshadowing, or just a strange mirage, an optical phenomenon in the atmosphere. For observers such a reflection is that with the distant object (or a portion of the sky) see his ghost image offset to the subject.

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