In the Resurrection implemented a unique project to build a residential village

At the last Council on the implementation of the national project "Affordable and Comfortable Housing — to Russian citizens" was thoroughly reviewed the draft of mass low-rise buildings in the village of Resurrection Ferzikovo Raina. Even today it is considered one of the most successful examples of public-private partnerships in the Central Federal District.
In addition to the low-rise housing to provide a full range of engineering settlement the city level: objects administrative and social infrastructure, such as kindergartens, schools, as well as administrative and commercial centers.

Field meeting of the Board of the tradition began with a tour of housing starts and created the infrastructure for future settlement in the Resurrection. At the end of a mini-tour of the construction site, the governor Anatoly Artamonov offered investors of the project to reduce the construction time of the planned facilities and deliver a settlement in operation until after two or three years, and by the end of 2011.

Later in the meeting of the Working Party, the representative of the company "IC Voskresenskoe" Alexander Telkov presented the council yourself project future settlement.

According to investors, the massive low-rise buildings designated land plot sold by companies' Domstroyregion "with co-investment from the management company" Collective investments ", which in turn controls the closed unit investment fund" Affordable Housing "and" Investment Company Voskresenskoe. " In this case, one of the initiators of the construction is a European Trust Bank, and the project is supported by the Government of the Kaluga region and the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending.

As part of the proposed project "Voskresenskoe" in an area of 180 hectares now is the construction of a housing estate with a total area of over 120 thousand square meters. m In addition to low-rise housing to provide a full range of engineering settlement the city level: objects of administrative and social infrastructure, such as kindergartens, schools, as well as the administrative and commercial centers.

According to the developer, the first step in this project was the construction of the funds of the Federal Investment Fund of the Russian Federation and the budget of the Kaluga region's road system, which will provide a full travel to the territory of "Resurrection." The region is also actively involved in the construction of the necessary infrastructure. Thus, for example, until the end of the year will be held at the construction site of a high-pressure gas main, built in the framework of the regional gasification program.

At present the construction of the first building — it's 200 buildings with a total area of 12 thousand square meters. m Buildings made in neighborhoods "Central" and "Southern". Each of the houses is now being built on a plot of an average of 6 hectares and has an area of 60 square meters. m, which is analogous to a full one-bedroom apartment.

"Support local producers!"

All the houses are mounted on thick reinforced concrete foundations. Exterior, interior walls and ceilings are made on the frame-panel technology Balabanovsky of "Plitspichprom" proven the good side of the inhabitants of settlements Kaluga and other areas where similar projects have been implemented.

For example, according to "Plitspichproma" in 2010, dozens of families have built Kaluga panel frame houses "Dominant". Such popularity of this technology due to the fact that it is one of the modern development of domestic energy production. Among the main quality characteristics of panel-frame houses — the reliability of the design (at home in this series have been tested in the Central Research Institute. Kucherenko, which resulted in the conclusion of their seismic earthquakes up to 9 points), energy efficiency, which is achieved due to the thickness of insulated walls of 240 mm, which will survive the harsh Russian winter at a minimum cost of heating and pre-fabricated: Warm circuit — walls, floors, and roof a house of 60 square meters. m going for 36 hours.

As a result of all the homes new neighborhood will have a basis in the form of high-quality wooden frame of specially prepared timber, moisture resistant boards and mineral insulation. As for durability and aesthetics exterior, then, according to the developer, they will provide the German plaster systems. Direct heating of the house will make individual gas boilers.

Construction of houses also includes external and partly internal finishing. Importantly, each house is equipped with all the necessary municipal engineering services, which, according to the developer, will be in operation at the time of delivery of the settlement.

Thus, the future residents of the Resurrection will get ready at home with main engineering services and performed the bulk of interior decoration was put into operation in a residential area with shops, a pharmacy, a children's playground and the current pass control.

Mortgage help

Given the rather complex financial conditions of the population, the developer together with the regional government and HMLA agreed on attracting the mortgage system to help people who do not have the full amount for the purchase of real estate in the Resurrection. Therefore, when you make a home purchase customers can take advantage of a mortgage loan program HMLA "Low-rise housing."

In addition, this fall, the project has been included in the regional program "Housing for professionals." This means that as part of this program for the leadership of the Kaluga business leaders will be formed proposal to use the house in the Resurrection as a way to motivate qualified personnel by providing them with targeted loans for partial payment of home in a new development. It is believed that in addition to offering high-quality mortgage products support staff from the mother company will help them solve their urgent housing problems associated with the purchase of your own home in a comfortable place where you can quickly get to work.

Special funding

For the first time in the history of the domestic low-rise housing project with funding mechanism used to attract investment through closed-end mutual fund. This fact is particularly significant in that the reduction in price of construction financing is one of the main factors determining the final cost of housing. Moreover, this scheme allows to include the project in the framework of the national project "Affordable housing" is appropriate in all respects.

In general, the history of real estate mutual funds goes into the 60's of the last century. It was then that the first Real Estate Investment Trusts, high financial and investment attraction which has been proved by time. For example, in the U.S., these funds build and operate real estate and grant mortgages. In this case, the total capitalization of REITov is about $ 1 trillion. U.S. dollars, it provides a very important role in the construction industry.

In the project "Voskresenskoe" from the very beginning involved ZPIF "Affordable housing", which is operated by "collective investment" — a longtime partner of the European Trust Bank. The essence of the scheme is that the real estate ZPIF "Affordable housing" market investors accumulated funds and co-investment construction. The administration of the Kaluga region, in turn, also became a co-investor in the fu
ture of the village: at the expense of its own resources and the Investment Fund of the Russian Federation under construction road to Resurrection.

Reduce the risk to investors, developers and lending bank, as well as to facilitate external financing has allowed the inclusion of the project by the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (HMLA) in the program "Stimulus". This made it possible to successfully implement sekyuretizatsiyu construction project. In other words, was put an equal sign between the development and security of the — a share mutual fund, which is listed on the stock exchange.

As a result, there was an opportunity not only to attract a wide range of project investors, but also significantly reduce the total cost of financing.

At present, the scheme, as well as the implementation is the construction project "Voskresenskoe" is a good example of effective public-private partnership.
Guarantees and prospects

During the discussion of the basic parameters of the project, it was noted that all the houses in the Resurrection will be given a guarantee of quality from "Plitspichprom."

The Governor Anatoly Artamonov in your resume on the submitted project promised to "Resurrection" full support of the authorities of the region, and said that he intends to take the progress of work under his personal control as it once was done in preparing the site for construction of the plant "Volkswagen".

As for the prospects for next phases of the project submitted, taking into account the different composition of the growing needs of families and in need of housing, will further construction of 80 houses of the Resurrection, 100 and 120 square meters. m, which can comfortably accommodate a family with one, two or three children.

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