In the second to eternity

In April 2002, on the basis of SWAT ATC Omsk region there was an alarm.

The group promptly arrive at the scene. Investigators spent more than a day in anticipation of the assault team. During the operation was neutralized terrible repeat offenders, saved taken them hostage … but one of the commandos after that operation will never come back to the base. His name is Oleg Ohrimenko.

For a moment to eternity

With countless photo looks young, well-built young man with a wide grin. Such he was in life — hard work and unwavering, it is — a man of wide soul, humorist and a very nice young man. Oleg was always a beautiful athlete. Karate, masterfully played football, went to the team of the 1st of Omsk football clubs.

After high school he studied at the College of Aviation. When it is time left to serve in the border troops — at least some boys dream. Oleg then got on his first war — took part in the fighting in Tajikistan. After graduating from military service in 1995, he entered the Omsk Ohrimenko SWAT. Immediately enrolled in the squad. Passed severe tests and physical examination, including a brutal rukopashku that special forces among themselves from time to time referred to as "acceptance."

For a moment to eternity

SWAT commander of the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Omsk region police colonel Gennady Buchanan:
"Oleg Ohrimenko immediately proved to be a real expert. He was a very capable, highly motivated, a lot of time devoted to special training. Usually they say about these — a hard worker, a farmer. Never shirked from work or from school. He did not have loved ones or hateful disciplines — well versed in all and everywhere prospered. Constantly competed in hand-held first place. The service was easy to him. "

In the unit, Oleg was a sniper. But he was listed as a real versatile — able to change at least some of its own companion in the group. Could work as a machine gunner, altitude climber, could enter the address in the assault group.

In SWAT Ohrimenko caught in a very difficult period. Rampant crime in the middle of the 1990s, headed for his own peak. Special Forces had to work seven days a week actually — SWAT was the only thing standing in the way of gangster mayhem. And the commandos were doing their work as "excellent."
In the unit Oleg served a bit lower than 7 years for the service more than once traveled to the combat mission.

Alexander, co-worker:
"On a business trip gave him the affectionate nickname" Little Tailor "- he was always busy with something, never was sitting around, what nibudt-stitched, something was making was very economic. For himself a suit made sniper. "

For a moment to eternity

Sergei, a colleague:
"We were with him once on a business trip. Arrived on the scene, it is necessary to dig trenches. And the weather — the nightmare: rain, sleet! Earth is a tough, hard, clay mixed with stones — to dig very hard. We are all a little longer, for sure, then wheeling with his trench, but have built a nice canopy, and Oleg there inside all settled down very cool — we were more comfortable than a tent, for sure. He is there some shelves hade to do what was on his own place, and everywhere was the order stated: "This shelf for the cartridges, this — a grenade." He always knew how to arrange life, so it was fine and comfortable. This is the usual Siberian, thrifty, economic. "

Oleg Ohrimenko participated in both Chechen campaigns, including the storming of Komsomolsk. In his first trip to the Caucasus went through a year of enrollment in SBM, Novogroznenskoye participated in the operation, when the seizure Raduev were thrown naikrupneyshie formation when security forces and riot police were going to attack no ordinary village, and in fact, the fortress built by all the rules of military science . Omsk SWAT then was one of the vanguards. Oleg showed himself very dignified, never passed, although in those days of destruction was walking like never close. In that operation Omsk helped a lot of people — carried from the battlefield by himself for the wounded soldier.

Oleg Ohrimenko was very, restrained and balanced person. For always working on it, no one heard a click or a harsh word. All who knew him say that Oleg was sympathetic friend — it was always possible to ask for help, and he never refused, did everything in his power to assist someone. Was always ready to support a heavy moment. He had one hobby is not common, it would seem to SWAT — he is very loved flowers and knew a lot about them. This passion comes from the Eastern culture, which Oleg carried away after the start of karate.

Arkady colleague:
"He's always been able to support the joke, if it was necessary. In particular, this helps in combat missions, when all the nerves taut. In 2000-2001, in the severity of the situation was tense to the maximum. Mine warfare headed for the peak of its own — the explosions took place every day, on the road, it was unrealistic to ride — Adventure, do not give up though, fought to the last. Sometimes going to leave, and the mood — worse you can imagine! And Oleg was able to say something like that, that my heart was lighter, able to adjust to the positive. "

Aleh and his wife Ina were very tender and touching things, he courted her for a long time. When he was on business trips, romantic wrote her longish letter. Just do not make it to the bullets of the communications center to call Ina. Aleh had a dream — he was very willing to build a house. Together with his wife they were planning how to build it, will live, entertain, countless friends. Already started construction, laid the foundation. Oleg every waking moment trying to initiate construction, something to do …. Like most of the commandos, Oleg never told the family details of their own work. When I left in the first trip to the Caucasus — the mother said that she was going to compete in Novosibirsk …

Hardly anyone ever be able to say for sure just by looking at the person — that this person will become a hero. Aleh had three municipal services: the medal "For award the Motherland» II degree, "For Valour" and "For Distinction in Protection of public order." The last and most important achievements — "Gold Star" Hero of — he was awarded posthumously.

… April 19, 2002 Omsk police have taken under the supervision of a hardened recidivist Kosarev, who was at the time the federal wanted list for the provision of armed resistance to the police. Taking into account the extraordinary danger of the offender, an operation to arrest him lured SWAT forces, which came into the police captain Oleg Ohrimenko.

For a moment to eternity

From official documents< br>
"At about 9.30 of the house number 10 on the street Barkhatova regional center of the courtyard came a man, identified as wanted Kosarev? B. The offender hiding behind a hostage, hugging her neck with his left hand, which was holding a hand grenade and having put his right hand with a gun to his head lady spirited strode towards stopping public transport. In this connection there was a real threat to the security of people who are at the bus stop, as road users. On multiple offers Kosarev police officers did not react, nervous, sometimes guided weapon is in the direction of police officers, then the hostage, threatened to undermine the grenades. "

Sobrovtsy took the offender into a tight circle and led him, ready to capture. At some point, he or slipped, or just put his foot without success, but began to overwhelm the back. Suspecting that one of the officers tried to dump him, he opened fire with a pistol. The agents react instantaneously, three commandos jump reducing the distance, attempted to capture. The whole trio started to work right away immediately after the first shot — one of sobovtsev, grasping the hand of a recidivist, made 2 shots at close range, the second officer tried to block the squad with a hand grenade and fired too, Oleg Ohrimenko hostage snatched from the hands of the villain, threw her himself and fired twice from a pistol to the offender. In a split second before it was blocked wretch threw a grenade on the ground! It also sounded warning signals detachment officers — pineapple, pineapple, pineapple!

SWAT … Employees are training to neutralize the explosives. In these exercises taught and how to "fight" with a grenade …. In a situation where an employee comes in contact with a particular offender, armed with a grenade, there are at least three options for solving the problem. The employee can grab a grenade and throw the can cover the grenade body of the offender, and the third option — the most lie on the grenade! Provided that the employee wearing a bulletproof vest 5th grade protection (and which is equipped with a SWAT), it surely will take over the position of a grenade — it is not the pieces will touch, and the shock wave will be held parallel to the body. But it's all in training! When the next serious instructor who can point out the error and explain, as it should, when it is not pressed for time, and where your decisions are independent of human life. On that day it was different …

Outlaw … neutralized among a crowded street. Next — the comrades on the force, 10s bystanders nearby — bus stop filled with people. Fold grenade impossible: fragment distribution F-1 — 200 meters, the victims will be counted in tens. The lifeless body of the offender is out of range. Ohrimenko chose the only option — he jumped on a grenade and covered it with his body! Maybe if he had more time … There was no time.

His friends know what they were after the explosion Oleg lived a few more hours. And at first he did not moan Minutka not asked for help, very much … cursed! No one can say for whom: for himself, for the offender, the situation … Although earlier from him, no one heard a harsh word …

Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated 19 January 2003 the senior security officer of a special squad frisky response OCD CM ATC Omsk region Ohrimenko police captain Oleg Ivanovich for his courage and heroism during the arrest of an armed offender, who was posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Russian Federation.

Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation of December 23, 2005, he enrolled in a long list of special mission forces personnel of the police department in the Omsk region.
Neighbors and colleagues performed a great job of perpetuating the memory of the hero. Every year on April 21 riot police gather all together, in order to give tribute to the memory of his own comrades. In the unit maintain a very tight fit relationship with the family of Oleg. Often the mother comes Oleg — Valentine Timofeevna commandos are always happy to create it at all events, invite to its meetings. On the day the police she was invited to Moscow — the mother of the Hero met Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev.

In Omsk created Center sports and martial arts memory of Oleg Ohrimenko — one of the biggest in town. Sporting events are often held his memory, naming the Hero of the Russian Federation called high school number 123.

For a moment to eternity

And as a postscript. Sobrovtsy often come to visit the students, pupils of military-patriotic clubs to tell the younger generation about their own heroic co-worker about a difficult, challenging and very relevant work of special forces. A feat that made them comrade, sharply raised the prestige of the Special Forces — in squad young people started coming en masse.

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