In the States, are preparing for the end times


Ordinary house in an ordinary small town, but the family is preparing for the end of the world.

German Mauser and Walther P-38 World War II, twelve-gauge shotgun, a pistol and a rifle fortieth caliber AR-15 — Arms and ammunition are key.

KIT Proskury "prepper": If we go out with it on the street, so it was the end of the world. Just because you should not make.

Certified Instructor of the National Rifle Association and the owner of the two businesses, it stores food and supplies that will help him survive, no matter what disaster occurred.

KIT Proskury "prepper": The fall of government — one of the things to which many people are now preparing. We are facing a possible delay in the payment of social benefits. I do not think that personally I do not need it, but many Americans find themselves in trouble.

37-year-old Keith — one of thousands of American prepperov who prefer to prepare, not to regret later.

We talked to the founder of the prepperov — he answered from his truck.

Tom Martin, the American network prepperov: This is not politics, but rather economics. I see every day people are losing their jobs and are forced to rely on products that they stocked up in advance.

Gas masks, body armor, canned food, tents and helmets fill basements, such as this one.

Set of the most essential things preppera is not just the usual first aid kit, it includes the parachute rope, pocket knife, dried meat and drinking water.

According to these people, you need to be prepared as a chemical disaster, and to large-scale terrorist attack.

KIT Proskury "prepper": If contaminants are deposited on you, you must have a pair of gloves. As well as chemical resistant boots. For such situations, needs absolutely impermeable suit. — So, you were 100% sure that nothing on you will not fall.

Different radios will be needed in case the connection will fail.

At the other end of the line — the father of John Proskura China, now he's just in another room.

After 25 years in the police, he resigned. Now, his main occupation — establishing amateur radio.

He believes that in the event of a disaster communication — this is important.

JOHN Proskury retired cop: When a few months ago there was a tsunami and earthquake in Japan, amateur radio has played a major role in establishing communication. The same thing — a couple of years ago in Haiti.

But the script, which he fears most.

JOHN Proskury retired cop: If something like fallout, radio wave propagation should be sufficient for all practical purposes.

The cost of all this — about 10 thousand dollars.

However, for this is not just prepperov 10 pieces, hidden away in the basement. If something does happen in the United States, those who now look paranoid, will ultimately be the most intelligent.

Anastasia Churkina

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