In the suburbs found three burning peat

Peat bogs in the Moscow region continues to burn even in early spring, said on Friday the director of the department of regional policy Emergencies Ministry Yuri Kovalev. According to him, near Moscow authorities are not ready to withstand years of forest fires.
"We made aerial reconnaissance. Aboard the Mi-8 is installed equipment that allows you to determine the combustion sources, even under the ground. At the same time during the flyby, we have identified three hearth burning peat," — he said. According to him, flooding peat bogs in the Moscow region this year has not started yet, "Interfax".
He added that the Moscow regional authorities are not yet ready to withstand years of forest fires. "No agency of the Moscow region is not yet ready. However, on April 15 all the activities to be performed. Once again, we will hold an appropriate test," — he said.
While Yuri Kovalev explained that the work on prevention of forest fires began only in some areas of the Moscow region. "The Nut-Zuevo area almost all places prone to forest fires, cleaned. Meanwhile Shatura and Yegoryevsk areas still not started work," — he said.
Withstand wildfire prepared in related fields. "We have checked the status of preparation of the border with the Ryazan region. On the part of the work carried out, is cleaning the site of the burned trees, The clearing of forests. However, on the border with the Vladimir region, the part of the neighboring region is practically no work" — said Kovalev.
He also said that the MOE to the end of 2011, plans to build the first units of volunteer firefighters. "By the end of the year the number of volunteers should reach 800 thousand people. But for normal operation and effective implementation of all tasks required state of 1.5 million people," — he said.

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