In the Trans-Baikal region ended the first phase of construction of the pig farm

Basic agricultural specialization Uletovsky area — livestock. For the production of livestock and poultry municipality is — 17 in the Trans-Baikal region. The comprehensive program of socio-economic development in the region Uletovsky 2020 provides for measures to improve the situation in the agriculture area. Among them — the construction of the pig farm of the Russian-Chinese enterprise "Inter-Agro".

"The first phase of construction of the pig farm has been implemented — the chairman of the committee of agriculture district, Anatoly Kovalev. — Now there are more than 3,500 pigs. Plans entrepreneur — to increase the number to 10,000. Until two years ago on the site of this company was a wasteland. the expense of the owner was put first and foremost, purchased in the Krasnoyarsk region of three elite pig breeds. costs amounted to about a 36-million rubles. second stage involves more than a serious work, processing of raw materials — construction of slaughter house waste-free with the further processing of raw materials into finished products. Coe -what products are sold throughout the farm. But while this is not the extent of the biggest work is still ahead. "

The project for the construction of slaughter house is still under negotiation. The project will take off of the population and cattle, as well as to enter the real market for local products. In the meantime, have to rely on the private customer, realizing pig products to the local population.

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