In the U.S., found a large triceratops skull

Triceratops lived on the planet 65,5-68 million years ago in the late Cretaceous period. They were large herbivorous reptile with three horns, moving on four legs and had a special bony "collar" around the head.

It happened in popular culture that the Triceratops was the antagonist, a kind of nemesis T-Rex: A Prehistoric reptiles often depicted fighting among themselves. The fact that the fossil bones triceratops as tyrannosaurs, found in North America, together with the abstract opposition of carnivores and herbivores, may have played a role in creating the popular image of a prehistoric "terrible lizards."

But fame does not mean the study. Triceratops fossils are extremely rare: only in the world have found hundreds of skulls and skeletons are only six. Moreover, paleontologists have never met, and for the entire skeleton reconstructions of dinosaur had to use foreign "parts."

Not long ago, a resident of Buffalo, near the broad and bustling Niagara Falls, found another fossil skull triceratops. John Carter (John Carter), was the name of the lucky, the bones, sold amateur fossil finder Antiquities Alan Dietrich (Alan Detrich).

Alan said that his skull reptile has unusually large, and decided to seek scientific advice from the Institute of Geological Research Black Hills (Black Hills Institute of Geological Research), which specializes in such discoveries.

Response experts was expected for the amateur ancient reptiles: the skull was found overwhelming. Its approximate width is 2.5 meters and the length of the largest horns — about 40 centimeters. To understand the relative size of the finds, the scientists are going to compare it with other skulls of Triceratops. Because of the current experts are engaged in cleaning fossils, it will not happen until at least a half year.

As the owner and manager of a full destiny skull fossil giant Alan Dietrich has a pragmatic plan for fossil. He is going to sell my copy not less than $ 1 million.

Offer will enjoy the auction house Christie's, who spend whole thematic auction. At auctions you can buy not only bones, but dinosaur eggs.

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