In the vicinity of Happiness Luhansk region have found the remains of mammoth

In the vicinity of Happiness Luhansk region archaeologists East Ukrainian University. Vladimir Dahl found the remains of a mammoth.

Recently, local residents in the village have found some bones of giant animals. But which ones — they do not know that so we decided to consult the Luhansk archaeologists.

"We have found the bones of mammoths, bison and deer bolsherogih — a unique paleontological collection. Age bones — from 10-30 thousand years. What we found — it is amazing: not every day you see the size of a mammoth polstola," — said the head of the public organization "Lugansk archaeological Union" Alex Brityuk.

According to him, this finding can be attributed to a unique location paleofauny. Such places in the Luhansk region is very small. In addition, the existence of ancient bones suggests that it is quite possible that the people living there — there are a number Paleolithic.

It should be noted that until recently discovered the location in the Luhansk region were only isolated finds, for example, found a mammoth tooth or a particular bone. In this case, all the bones were in anatomical order.

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