In the Voronezh region installed smart lights

Traffic lights will help avoid congestion. Special sensors analyze a transport stream and if the number of vehicles per unit time exceeds the programmed value, the sensor sends a signal to increase the green phase. If the flow is reduced, then the phase is correspondingly reduced, and more traffic is switched. The system also takes into account the phase of the next set of traffic lights in order to create a "green wave".

These lights are equipped with improved lenses and LED lamps, so the sun does not "glare" and not misleading drivers. New traffic lights installed at the following addresses:

Anna junction of Red Army and Lenin; Anna junction of Red Army and Vatutin; Borisoglebsk Crossroad Matrossovsky and Liberty; Borisoglebsk Crossroad Matrossovsky and Peshkov, Boris Gleb Matrossovsky crossing the street, the street and the street Chkalov World; Borisoglebsk Crossroad Matrossovsky and Aerodrome.

Traffic lights installed at the intersection of Red Army and Vatutin in Anna, additionally equipped with sound signals for the convenience of blind pedestrians.

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