In the Vyborg district of Leningrad region openly producer of crushed stone

October 19 JSC "LSR-Base" in a solemn ceremony opened a new production facility "Borovinka" in the Vyborg district of the Leningrad region.

Quarry "Peter", located in the village. Borovinka, was acquired by the company in 2010. But until recently, this quarry was in poor condition due to the change of ownership DSZ and long breaks in the plant in the last 10 years were razukomplektatsiya processing equipment and dilapidation of buildings. So for two years, were working to modernize and upgrade production technology. The amount of investment in the reconstruction amounted to about 220 million rubles.

The total capacity of existing facilities PK "Borovinka" is about 500 thousand cubic meters. meters of rubble a year. After removing the industrial complex at full capacity total capacity of JSC "LSR-Base" will exceed 6.5 million cubic meters crushed stone per year.

Also in the PC installed betonorastvorny node, which is expected to be producing ready-mixed concrete, using as a fine aggregate crushing screenings.

This will accomplish two things: on the one hand mixed concrete is available, the other will be a by-product of the processing as screenings crushing. New BRU will start work at the end of this year.

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