In the Vyborg district today reburied the remains of 150 soldiers of the 43rd Division of the Red Army

At the memorial "Petrovka" Kamennogorsk in the Vyborg district of Leningrad region today held a solemn funeral ceremony of reburial of the remains of Red Army soldiers who died in the battles of World War II in 1941.

Operating systemtanks of 150 officers and men of the 65th Infantry Regiment, 43rd Division of the Red Army, who died in the battles of World War II in 1941, were discovered this summer during search operations near the village of Robin search groups "Search" and "Star".

According medallions certainly managed to identify the names of 13 Red Army soldiers, military commissariats designed to Leningrad, the Leningrad region, Kiev and Kursk region.

Memory of the heroes that were considered missing and address of the representative of search groups, youth councils, military cadets and secondary schools of the Vyborg district.

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