In the Western Dvina Tver region after reconstruction opened a kindergarten for 80 seats

In the city of the Western Dvina Tver region was opened after reconstruction kindergarten number 1. The work is continued for over a year — during which time a wooden building of the 1950s had a major overhaul of construction, built on an additional group of 15 children and a landscaped area of the kindergarten.

Now the nursery is ready to accept 80 students — for them, they have bought new furniture and toys. Bedroom was decorated in pastel tones, games insulate addition — installed underfloor heating. After repairs in the building there was a central hot water supply, and new plumbing. Food for the children will be trained in the updated nutrition unit, which is equipped with a modern stove and broiler. Kindergarten has changed and externally — completely changed the windows, facade and roof. Serious work spent on landscaping.

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