In Transbaikalia growing number of flooded houses, a regime of emergency

The state of emergency imposed in Kalar power Transbaikal area due to rising water levels in the river Chara because torrential rains flooded the 28 plots and houses in three villages, said on Monday the regional GUMCHS.

Possibility of flooding villages rescuers predicted for 21 July. Therefore, the population of the village alerted via SMS-messages and podvorovogo bypass. As of Monday morning, in district Chara was flooded 10 sections, and washed away the road to the village.

"At this point in the district center Kalar district, village Chara flooded 20 plots. In residential homes, which reached the water, lives 109 people, 22 of them evacuated to relatives, two pensioners posted Kalar district hospital," — said in a statement .

Authorities have prepared temporary housing at a local school. In the event of a further deterioration of the situation there will be resettled villagers. The power supply in the village is not broken.

In the village of Chapo-Ologo over the banks of the river podtopila six garden plots with houses, home to ten families, and it is 43. Three families were settled by families, five families moved to the neighboring village Ikab'ya. Also in the village of Chapo-Ologo soil erosion due to fall seven transmission towers VL-10 kW. Conducted rescue and restoration work, started a diesel generator.

In the village of Cousteau-Camden were flooded two homes where nine people. They all settled with relatives.

"The rising water washed away part of the road Chara — Chapo-Ologo. Posted with the villages by means of boats, organized transport people and food. Also suffered two bridges over the river and Anarga Apsat" — said the MOE.

According to MOE, victims and victims, and people from flooded homes are provided with all necessary. Organized hourly monitoring of water level, all the necessary measures in case of further rising water and blur road.

"Right now in the state of emergency was introduced in readiness are all forces and means. However major incidents in the district did not happen. Purpose of introducing emergency mode — minimization of the consequences of potential accidents associated with deterioration of hydrological conditions," — said the rescuers.

Authorities organized supply of food in the village Chara Küsten-Camden, Chapo-Ologo, a provision of fuel and lubricants, with the following order of the police.

At the headquarters of the Russian Emergencies Ministry Transbaikalian area interagency working staff in the aftermath of flooding, which controls the delivery of products to floodings towns and emergency repair work.

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