In Ukraine, discovered an unknown viral disease of cattle

Veterinary inspectors Lyubomlskogo district, Volyn region discovered virus diarrhea of unknown origin, which affects cattle, Deputy Chief State Veterinary Inspector Peter Nikonchuk Lyubomlskogo area.

"This virus diarrhea of unknown origin that affects specifically cattle. Perhaps it is related to the weather conditions," — quoted him as saying on Tuesday the State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service of Ukraine.

According to the Deputy Inspector General, the disease has already spread to other neighboring districts — Shack, and Starovizhevskom Turiysk. Now to continue the treatment of livestock.

"The treatment we spend in the villages, where there is a disease — it tells us about the population. Disease lasts three or four days, so far there have been no deaths of cattle," — said Nikonchuk.

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