In Voronezh Air Force Academy began to train specialists in the unmanned aircraft

At the Air Force Academy first started training in unmanned aircraft. The chief of the press service of the Western Military District, ColonelOleg Kochetkov

  • Aileron-3SV Russian drone UAV Aileron 3SV
  • Aileron-3SV Russian drone UAV Aileron 3SV


"In the teaching and research center Air Force" Air Force Academy "first produced a set of specialist unmanned aircraft, — he said. — At the end of this year, the first examples of unmanned aerial vehicles to go to college for the practical training of students. More than 60 people will receive a five-year course in four disciplines of management and maintenance of different drones, which are either coming into service or just pass the test. "

"Training of media professionals organized in Voronezh and Chelyabinsk branch of the Air Force Academy," — said Kochetkov.

According to him, "go to the academy Russian unmanned aerial complex" White-10 ", which is used to control objects in difficult terrain, as well as search and rescue operations."

In early 2014, is expected to enroll in military college drone "Outpost" to be used for aerial reconnaissance. Further, the number of incoming aircraft will increase.

Now the students of 1st course at the Air Force Academy completed basic military training. On Saturday in the main square of Voronezh ritual will bring students to the oath. It will take about 1,000 first-year students passedITAR-TASS.

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