In Votkinsk (Udmurtia) created 864 pools for fish farming

Representatives LLC "GC" Akvafond "told the President of Udmurtia on the implementation of a project for the development of fishery industry in the country.

Thus, the first phase of the project started — in Votkinsk area already built six hangars, purchased 112 units and 864 water treatment pools for fish, purchased 1.1 million fry.

In 2013, the complex is expected to reach full production capacity of 3,000 tons of fish a year.

Representatives rybohozyaystva addressed to the Head of the republic to support them in negotiations with Sberbank of Russia on taking credit for future business development.

Alexander Volkov has promised to help businesses in this area, and to consider further support for the organization in the form of subsidies from the Republic: "The project — a serious and powerful, definitely going to support you."

Thanks to a newly created company will be organized more than 350 new jobs to the level of the average wage of 18 thousand rubles a month.

We recall not so long ago, it was reported that Andrew Soluyanov, a former politician, businessman launches a project worth more than 1.5 billion rubles. The new company will engage in the cultivation of trout and sturgeon. The Republican government has provided subsidies to the enterprise for reimbursement of expenses for the purchase of equipment and technology in the framework of RICs "Development of the fishing industry in SD for 2011-2014" of $ 21.5 million.

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