In Yekaterinburg, a monument to the art of logistics and logistics

In Yekaterinburg, in the street Shunting led by the Chief of Staff of the Central Military District (CVO), Lieutenant-General Alexander DVORNIKOVA solemn opening ceremony of the monument to the art of logistics and logistics (MTR) of the Armed Forces of Russia. Monument united in a single composition howitzer, a field kitchen and other types of equipment and weapons.  

The monument was erected in the district center of logistics on the anniversary of the date of its formation. During the year the center completed the unification of the technical bases of property, complex storage, storage of weapons and ammunition, parts of inspection, repair and regulation, warehouses, laboratories and repair shops, stationed in the 29 regions of the Volga River to Lake Baikal, in a single storage system, content and material accounting funds with a total weight of a few hundred thousand tons.

Due to the structure of the center included in the number of personnel units per year has doubled and now reaches 24 thousand people, mostly civilian personnel.

"From your work to ensure that troops on the reliability of the system as a whole depends on the MTO identified needs of the active compounds, and the military units of the military district," — said at the opening ceremony of Lieutenant General Alexander janitor.

The chief of staff presented the best employees and veterans of the military collective prizes and certificates.

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