In Yekaterinburg, installed free Wi-Fi in trams

The new project "Free Wi-Fi in public transport" was launched in Yekaterinburg. Systems with free Wi-Fi installed in 10 cars plying on various routes. In this case, the choice of routes experts have taken into account factors length, load, and the availability of services to potential customers.


Authorities Yekaterinburg started work on the project last year, when testing any of the buses. For technical questions about the implementation of the buses require more detailed analysis of power systems, as necessary to ensure a stable voltage of 220 volts. In this regard, it was decided to implement the project in trams. In order to establish Wi-Fi Internet access in the process was brought a federal cellular operators.

"Today we launched a unique project for Yekaterinburg with free Wi-Fi in public transport. This is one of the steps to prepare the city for the matches of the World Cup in 2018 and the World Exhibition "Expo-2020". As long as the system is installed only on the trams. But if the service will be demanded of residents and visitors, the experience will be relayed to other modes of public transport, " — Said City Manager Ekaterinburg Alexander Jacob.

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