In Yekaterinburg opened metro station botanical

The station "botanical" — the ultimate on metro line, which connects the north (Uralmash district) and the south (district Botanical) Yekaterinburg. Today Yekaterinburg subway transports 150-160 thousand people a day, or about 38 million people a year. After the opening of the new station ridership increase by one third.


Created near the metro station intermodal transportation hub with intercepting parking will significantly relieve the metropolis, reduce passengers traveling time. Now the road from Botany Uralmasha to take less than twenty minutes.

On the subway construction site length 4.2 kilometers from the station "Geologic" to "Botanical" spent 16 billion rubles. Start line was made possible thanks to the strong support of the regional budget.


Through the use of modern technologies, the cost of laying one kilometer of subway Yekaterinburg lower than in other cities. In addition, the engineering solutions Ural metrostroevtsev saved more than one billion rubles in the construction of the final stage of the first line.

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