In Yekaterinburg opened this year’s first kindergarten

On Wednesday, January 18, in Yekaterinburg, on Malyshev Street, 107 and overhauled opened kindergarten N99.

Pre-school for 80 children. The garden has four large groups hall for music and dance lessons, comfortable rooms, as well as comfortable walking areas. All equipment preschool educational institutions, ranging from children's furniture in groups and finishing equipment in the laundry room, medical room and nutrition unit meets the modern standards, according to the mayor's office.

The building of the kindergarten was built in 1958 and originally it was the seat nursery. In recent years, the building was elementary school gymnasium N88. In June 2011 at the premises of the educational institution was started overhaul, during which the roof of the building has been upgraded, replaced plumbing fixtures.
Since the beginning of next week will begin taking pre-school children in the group of so-called part-time — so the kids could get used to the new environment, to educators and future little friends.

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