In Yekaterinburg, Russia to build second international exhibition center

The area of this modern exhibition complex, which appears next to the highway Ekaterinburg — Koltsovo airport will exceed 90 thousand square meters. m The first major event to be held in the "Ekaterinburg Expo" will be the second international exhibition "INNOPROM", which will take place in the summer of 2011

By this time, run out of the construction of external engineering networks and "Ekaterinburg Expo" will attach to communications.

Currently, builders hammered pile and pour the foundation for the pavilion area of 20 thousand square meters. m Thus, by "INNOPROM-2011" should be ready four pavilions. According to the architects, the pavilions will be associated cloisters, which will be organized recreational areas.

It is planned that the complex will also include a conference center with a concert hall, but its construction, according to the plan will be completed towards the end of 2011

In addition, currently under construction, "front" entrance to the complex for motor vehicles. An offshoot of Koltsovskogo tract scheduled to be built by May.

The governor drew attention to the need for compliance with construction schedules.

Today, only the center "Crocus Expo" in Moscow is the exhibition venue, capable of operating in accordance with international standards. More in Russia there is no such complexes. Sverdlovsk Oblast authorities are hoping that the "Ekaterinburg Expo" will correct this situation.

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