In Yekaterinburg, was put into operation substation Distant

"Daughter" IDGC of Urals, has invested in the project to 300 million rubles. The substation will provide uninterrupted power supply for the entire northern part of the city.

In Yekaterinburg, in the district of sorting, after extensive renovation work was put into 110/10/6 kV substation "Distant". During the reconstruction of the substation was equipped with modern electrical equipment, resulting in increased current output power facility from 50 to 80 MVA.

Start-up substation "Far" — a landmark event not only for Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk but for the region as a whole. Its implementation was carried out in the framework of advanced circuits and power development program in the region 2013 — 2017 years, and up to 2022. Increasing the power of the power facility will continue in the construction of residential buildings, hotels, shopping centers and other facilities the hospitality industry, which is particularly important in the run-up to such international events as the World Cup in 2018 and Expo 2020

"To modernize the station" as "to receive 300 million rubles. This means the investment program of the Ekaterinburg Electric Grid Company, which has been successfully implemented by our specialists in Yekaterinburg. Reconstruction of power allowed at times to increase the reliability of electricity Railway area residents. New transformers and other equipment placed inside the building. It's safer for the residents of the neighborhood. The substation is equipped with fiber-optic lines and digital communication devices.

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