In Yelets restore life to older machines

Lipetsk region, Elec. Created a year ago in the Company "Energy" is the only city in Department of Industrial Electronics showed the correctness of the decision. His appearance was due to the fact that, first, the factory is the saturation of modern facilities with controlled with sophisticated electronics that require a competent service. Second, in need of modernization and machinery equipment of Soviet times: before, costly repairs and replacement of the failed old equipment required is expensive.

Now these tasks a small group of eight people led by a highly qualified specialist Oleg Glashevym. In his unit, he gathered the best engineers and designers who are not only restore life to older machines,
but design new testing equipment test produced are of chemical power sources.

In the near future electronics — the creation of wiring area, which will be collected in demand in our country chargers for rechargeable batteries.


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