In Zheleznogorsk (Kursk region). Opened an ice palace Jubilee

Ice rink "Anniversary" — the second sports complex in an area where there was a skating rink with artificial ice. First opened in Kursk in 2008 and was popularly known as the Ice Palace. The estimated cost of the new rink — 205 mln., including 92 million rubles. federal budget has allocated more than 10 million — city.

As part of the skating rink with a capacity of 120 people, which will operate year round — a gym for individual strength training, methodical study, dance class. On the ice field will be training and competitions in figure skating, ice hockey, ice skating mass. In recent years, the region built a number of new sports centers, halls, football fields, inter-school stadiums in Kursk, Zheleznogorsk, Kurchatov, towns Manturovo, Tim, Soviet and other areas. Many sports facilities remodeled, bought a new sport oborudovanie.Osobenno impact in this regard was in 2012.

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