In Zherdevsky region Tambov region opened pig

In Zherdevsky today's grand opening of one of the complexes in the framework of a mega-project of "RusAgro." In the soon to be built three pig. Each will include three production facilities — a loudspeaker and two of Feeding.

Ltd. "Tambov bacon" in Tambov region is implementing a project for the construction of pig farms in Zherdevsky, the Sign and Sampurskaya areas. The capacity of each pig will amount to 4.8 million sows.

There will also be erected two plemfery by 1.2 thousand units and 1.7 million heads, feed mill production capacity of 290,000 tons of feed per year and elevator capacity of 120 thousand tons of grain storage. The total number of livestock in reaching full capacity will be more than 450 thousand. The design capacity of the seven complexes — 115 thousand tons of meat a year. Total investments — 12,250,000,000 rubles, about 80% of which will amount to credit funds of the Savings Bank of Russia. To reach the full capacity of the complex is announced in 2015. As a result, the project will create 1,300 jobs.

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