In Zhitomir in the construction of the museum of nature archaeologists have found artifacts of Kievan Rus

The well-known date of the founding of the city of Zhytomyr today questioned.

Indisputable facts of our existence as the regional center long before the year 884 AD, archaeologists have found the Kiev on Castle Hill.

The history of today's findings began last year. Then, near the church of Saint Sophia Cathedral Kiev on the street, archaeologists found several human burials of the 18th century.

And now, while digging the foundation pit of the new Museum of Nature was discovered laying foundations and walls of the 17th century.

— We started digging and this corner of the building, it is probably 17-18 century. Site of ancient castle is probably because it is very large foundations — says archaeologist Kiev Oleg Ivanov.

It should be noted that over the past 200 years, such archaeological work conducted in the historic center of Zhitomir first and any excavation is a new page in the history of the city open.

— On the territory of the city we know almost nothing. When they began digging the foundation, we found the presence of the cultural layer of saturated various artifacts. The oldest finds date back to 11-13 century, Kievan Rus and it's right up to the early 20th century. — Says senior researcher Zhytomyr Regional Museum Alexander Tarabukin.

Construction of the new Museum of Nature has given an opportunity to plunge into the depths of centuries historians, archaeologists and Zhytomyr and visitors.

Scientists suggest that this finding may be the "Zhytomyr Golden Gate" specially preserved and open for public viewing.

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