Inca mummy discovered the hidden secrets


Fifteen-year-girl, brought in by the Incas sacrificed some 500 years ago and discovered by archaeologists in 1999, suffered from a bacterial infection of the lungs. To such conclusion experts came after abandoned the usual DNA analysis, which has, according to them, a number of shortcomings, and focused on the analysis of proteins, writes Daily Mail.

The disease mummy, named "Virgin", reminds tuberculosis. The researchers hope that their discovery will solve several important tasks: first, to help prevent the occurrence of dangerous diseases of the past now, and secondly, will help to better deal with the currently existing illnesses.

Experts explained the benefits of his new technique: "DNA analysis has a number of shortcomings, in particular, its samples are easily contaminated. Our technique opens the door to a solution greatest mysteries of history, for example, we can see why the consequences of influenza in 1918 (pandemic "Spanish flu") was so tragic. This among other things, enhance the understanding of the threats to our future, such as the emergence of new and dangerous infections. "

"Virgin" together with another mummy — seven year old boy — were discovered in 1999 at the height of 6.7 km at the top of the volcano Argentine Lyulyaylyako. As explained by historians, the Incas believed that the snow on the tops of the mountains, they will be closer to the sky and will be able to better communicate with the gods. There was, by the way, found a third mummy — a six-year girl — but she was not interested scientists because it was once struck by lightning, which could affect the results of research.

Arkady Azaev

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