Ink Lake


In our world there are many unusual and unique places of nature. This time I want to tell you about. Inking it because it is full, as it may seem, ink. And this happened not because of some factory resets back their waste, and not because the truck overturned near a ball point pens. The lake was formed by natural causes.

The fact that the two rivers flow into the lake. As part of a river a huge amount of iron salts, and another — a variety of organic compounds, borrowed from peat bogs, located near in the valley. Merging into the lake, the two rivers, streams chemically react with each other in the course of which is black. Of course, this lake is completely absent any flora and fauna as well as ink are toxic to all living things. Swim, of course, it is also forbidden — it is dangerous to health, and then wash off the ink from the not very fun class.

This is an amazing piece of nature in Algeria, near the town of Sidi Bel Abbes. The locals are afraid of the lake, consider it an enchanted place, consider it the appearance of the machinations of the devil.

There is even a legend that in ancient times to these places roamed the Devil himself, tempting people to sin and scanty (as usual) human soul. A "contract of sale" signed special enchanted ink (the tradition of signing the contract the blood came later) that sucked all of the subscriber's health, and more of the girls and beauty. But once it turned out that Satan has ended his ink to recruit new jar, he turned the water into a lake located on the proximity to their sinister ink. And now, who can come to this lake, for life will lose health, and even be cursed for life.


Legend, by the way, is not groundless. Fumes "water" ink lakes is not a useful thing, and may cause some harm to the health, of course, if you live there permanently, but on one visit nothing bad will happen.
Needless to say, that, in spite of all the superstitions, the residents of the city, which is located near the lake, use these same natural ink (it should be noted very high quality) for the manufacture of pens and ink (not for eyelashes, of course), which are themselves and successfully sold all the tourists as souvenirs.


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