Instead of a woman eating a chocolate … stones


45-year-old Teresa Widener does not resort to the favorite means of consolation for many women — or chocolate cake. When she is sad or just want something tasty, she eats … stones.

Best dessert for Teresa — it rocks

"Over the past 20 years, I ate an average of one kilogram of stones every week — says Teresa. — This varies depending on how I feel. If I feel down, I eat a lot more, because it comforts me. "
Teresa chooses a soft and brittle rocks, which are easier to break with a hammer. "I like the earthy taste, so sometimes I just lick them with dirt," — says Teresa, who chews the stones using the teeth on the left side of his mouth: "The teeth on this side became stronger — because I chewed on them stones for years . "



Woman specially selects stones of soft rock, then to crush their house special hammer
Her new husband, Jim tries to help his wife and reduce its dependence strange. "Jim makes me so happy that I was eating them less, but everyone has bad days, and then I have a way out — only stones can make me feel better … Jim was shocked when he first learned that I was eating rocks, but he loves me and helps me. "

Teresa eats stones for 20 years

Her urge to eat into boulders and pebbles called Pick's disease, which leads to the desire to eat strange objects. Some creatures in the animal kingdom, such as wolves and turtles also eat stones to help digestion, but it is rare for people. "I never had any health problems because of the rocks, but I do not go to the toilet too often, and my stomach hurts a little bit sometimes," — says Teresa.

Nick Narubina Photos: Bulls Press

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