Inventions that Shook the World Full Movie

Inventions that Shook the World Full Movie
The twentieth century was the era of the coolest discoveries in the history of mankind. Were made airplanes and electric guitar, opened the DNA code and much more. Exciting programm of 10 sets invites viewers on a journey through the decades of discoveries that changed the modern world — from means of communication to the method of thinking and self-perception. Any series — is an inspirational story about one decade of the twentieth century through the lens of discovery. The creators of study programs from the origins and fate of the majestic thoughts excellent, often eccentric, inventors, stood behind them. With the invention of the radio, the world has become smaller, with the invention of the machine gun — more dangerous, with the invention parking meter — more expensive. But there were other, less excellent ideas, which, fortunately, is not destiny to be fulfilled. Where have sunk dog robot and the business suit with integrated Kondyukov? But all inventors, regardless of whether they expect success or failure, brought its contribution to the discoveries of the twentieth century, the most "inventive" century in the history of mankind.

Inventions that Shook the World Series 1

1900s — decade, which began with a century and a revolution in the technology of everyday life. The long-wave radio, vacuum cleaner, kondyuk, the plane, a single razor

Inventions that Shook the World Episode 2

1910s — all these inventions were made in the 10's of the last century, when the world was enveloped in the First World War. Parachute, sonar, automatic, automatic toaster

Inventions, That Shook the World Episode 3

Inventions that Shook the World Episode 4

1930: Helicopter, radio, electric guitar. The ability to balance the flight has led to a revolution in aviation. The possibility of creating a copy of the weave in a minute changed the method of transmission disk imaging. Exit to the main stage guitar "undermined" the music industry.

Inventions, That Shook the World Episode 5

1940: A computer, a jet engine, mannequins for crash tests. From propellers to jet engines, before man discovered a whole world. From ovens to microwaves, have changed the way we eat. From adding machines to laptops, will facilitate our work.

Inventions That Shook world 6 series

1950: Boat hovercraft, a transistor radio, a breathalyzer. It's all open 50 — the frisky decades away, swift cars and even more frisky music.

Inventions that Shook the World 7 series

1960: Bots, lasers, gallaktichesky ship. All of this invention 60 — the decade of protest, free love and the cool of the war, have turned science fiction into science fact.

Inventions that Shook the World Episode 8

1970: Mobile phone, digital camera, a hybrid car. All of this invention 70 — the disco decade, digital devices and expensive gasoline.

Inventions, That Shook the World Episode 9

1980: DNA gallakticheskaya station Mir, web. All of this invention 80s — a decade of high technology in the classrooms, laboratories, well, practically everywhere.

Inventions That Shook 10 world series

Hubble telescope, telephone, a lander to Mars. All of this invention, the 90s — a decade of computer and bio-technology, a world without wires.

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