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The main and final event on the operational training of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the current year will be strategic command-staff exercises "Caucasus-2012", which will be held from 17 to 23 September. This was stated by Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation — the first Deputy Defense Minister Gen. Nikolai Makarov.

According to the Chief of the General Staff, the plan provides for testing of the teachings of combat training tasks for the preparation and use of troops (forces) to provide military security in the South-West region of Russia. The main purpose of this exercise will improve the practical ability commanders and staffs in the planning and implementation of the troops (forces) in the criteria for plain-steppe areas with promising introduction of automatic control systems, the use of precision weapons and new weapons.

As highlighted Chief of the General Staff, the distinguishing feature of SKSHU "Caucasus-2012" will be that it is not the scenario envisions significant groups of troops (forces). Practical actions troops will practice at landfills Prudboy, Kapustin Yar, Ashuluk and Rayevskys, located on the territory of the Southern Military Area. On teaching will be raised from the Armed Forces, military authorities and the troops (forces) stationed in the South-West region of Russia, from the federal bodies of executive power — the operational teams Interior Ministry, the FSB, the Federal Security Service and the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

To date, said Gen. Nikolai Makarov, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, united strategic command of the Southern Military Area, other military bodies, the military units have already begun to prepare teaching.

Force training for strategic command and staff exercise "Kavkaz-2012" and the 58th Army. Forces and resources, which are to be brought to the maneuvers in these days of work out their problems on landfills. There is a detailed sharpening of parts on which the troops will act in SKSHU. Prepares personnel, equipment, checked weapons, communications equipment, replenish supplies of material resources.

About how organized the training to the teaching of the "Caucasus-2012" in the 58th Army, the "Red Star" told the commander of the union, Major General Andrew Guruli.

— Andrey, what powers and resources will be provided army for further teaching?

— On SKSHU "Caucasus-2012" from the association planned to raise about 5 thousand soldiers (of which 700 officers), and about a thousand units of various military equipment. In the process of drawing step plan teaching practical tasks will be doing 2-unit separate motorized rifle brigades belonging to the army — Vladikavkaz and Buynaksk. His episodes these compounds will work at the site Rayevskys, located on the ground of Krasnodar Krai, Far landfill, which is located in the Republic of Dagestan. Total from each of the infantry brigades in the teaching of the "Caucasus-2012" will be attracted about a thousand soldiers. Other formations and military units of the 58th Army SKSHU questions on the plan will work as part of their own offices and support units nearby Fri constant dislocation. In turn, control the army, division management team association, the task force 4th military base, as all defense units associations, except those that are on active duty, will do puzzles as planned exercises at the Kapustin Yar.

— Do not be mistaken in assuming that role in such a large-scale strategic doctrine was preceded by intense study, organized in formations and military units of the army in the previous period of study. Told about its outcome: how much exercise was carried out, what size, what with the theme? And if increased the overall intensity of combat training for the near future or that interfere with any specific incident?

— Combat training in formations and military units of the 58th Army in the winter training period has been organized in accordance with the instructions of Commander of the Land Forces and the Commander of the Southern Military Area of Operations, mobilization and combat training, as per the approved plan.

The main efforts were focused on improving prof officer training, improving individual training of military personnel and coordination of units according to the programs when training.

In general, plans for the army in the winter training period feel satisfied. The analysis indicates that the number of military units, valued at a positive assessment has increased. If we talk about certain elements of combat training, within the limits of tactical training in the winter training period was designed and conducted 459 firings offices. Of them as "good" or "excellent" was rated more than half. There was also a 207 live firing platoons of them with decent and good performance over more than half of these events. In addition, in accordance with the plan of combat training in April of this year, there were 26 company tactical exercises. On the "good" or "satisfactory" was estimated half of the RTU.

If we talk about the impact of employment on this subject battle learning how to fire preparation, it should be noted that in the winter training period in formations and military units of the army exercises were conducted 1,362 test firing of cannon and small arms combat vehicles. Average coverage of troops in these exercises close to 100 percent of the payroll. It was done 745 credits exercise for driving military vehicles — and with virtually complete coverage of personnel. In addition, in the last period of training was carried out a plan for the control of exercises on driving combat vehicles. A total of formations and units of the army were held 1.460.

— And if you talk about the big events of combat training for winter training, what kind of results you can voice?

— For us, every element of combat training has its value — from the individual training of servicemen to large-scale exercises in the joints. But if we talk about the events with significant involvement of personnel, weapons and military equipment, you should call conducted by a training facility Tarskoe, Far Dzartsemi camp fees and reconnaissance units, also held at UGC Tarskoe in different time periods camp fees artillery units NBC and the Corps of Engineers and Field EW output units of the army. In March and April in Eysk training center was out of field air defense units of association. In addition, were designed and conducted a command post exercise in the field with Vladikavkaz motorized infantry connection and command post exercise with Buynaksk sep mot bde. In June, bilateral command post exercises were held on the ground for 2-motorized infantry formations deployed on the territory of the Chechen Republic.

In general, if you read about the intensity of combat training in the army, it is impossible not to note its growth. Some impartial events that hinder the organization and conduct of training, I do not see. Moreover, the successful solution of problems in the context of a planned military training promotes good educational facilities available to the formations and units of the army. On this day, the union has 8 training facilities, capabilities which allow you to make program from combat training in full.

— UGC Tarskoe, Far and Dzartsemi you baptized. Where more classes and whether there is now the possibility of carrying out, for example, in the areas where connections to the area of the Chechen Republic?

— On the territory of the region's fiancé personnel also involved in the
plan. Here is used extensively in recent years made training facilities of the training complex (UGC) as UGC Alpine (located near the village of Borzoi), UGC Guardsman (city fooling around), UGC Kalinowski (village Kalinovskaja). In turn, the personnel of the Army Artillery Brigade, stationed on the territory of the Republic of Ingushetia, uses its own ability to Trinity UCC. Intensely activated in the interests of the army and the general military training ground near the village of Sernovodskoe in the Stavropol region.

— Andrey, as organized combat training on our military base stationed on the territory of the Republic of South Ossetia?

— All events battle preparation of this compound are organized and conducted in accordance with the approved plans and the decisions of the commander of the army and commander of the military base. Classes are held both on prikazarmennoy educational and material base, and at the training complex Dzartsemi. I note that the UGC can conduct classes in weapons training as a small-guns, as well as from military vehicles, as the driving and tactical training. For example, tactical live-fire exercises on the defensive theme at this place can be carried across to the battalion inclusive. Besides classes are held at the circuit, the fields of training professionals in defense, electronic warfare, NBC, artillery, communications, engineering, field engineering, and intelligence units. All these objects are part of the UGC Dzartsemi.

If you talk about the impact of military training on this military base, I would note that in the winter training period in the compound was planned and conducted in a timely firings 108 offices, 48 live firing squads, firing 130 lessons (of them 54 NIGHT MODE). There were also 142 exercises control of small arms firing guns (67 of them — NIGHT MODE), 111 exercise test firing of weapons combat vehicles (at night — 48), scoring 146 exercises (of which 68 — NIGHT MODE) and 569 control exercises on driving combat machines. In other words, the intensity of combat training at a military base situated on the territory of South Ossetia, not lowered and gives every reason to believe that connection is a combat-ready and able to perform any assigned tasks on their own purpose.

— In the winter of this year, your predecessor as army commander, Major General Andrew Kartapolov now appointed deputy commander of the Southern Military District, said that the association intensively come brand new equipment, weapons, means of communication. As these new items show themselves in the course of their practical application?

— Indeed, the pace of rearmament pretty impressive. On this day in the formations and units combining new standards of weapons and military equipment make up more than 80 percent, which is higher than a certain time by the President of the Russian Federation — the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation re-level for a given period of time at 70 percent.

If we talk about some swatches of AME entering the army, will name new multiple rocket launchers "Tornado", self-propelled artillery 2C-19 "MSTA-S" with automatic control systems, complex intelligence "Zoo". These standards come in the artillery division teams. In addition, a mechanized infantry units of the 1st of formations deployed on the territory of the Chechen Republic, not so long ago received new BTR-82A. In turn, the defense units are equipped with modern complexes combining automatic control "Barnaul", which greatly improved the ability of air defense units of brigade-level management and fire fighting. In general, all brand-new equipment coming into the army, has significantly enhanced the combat capabilities of formations and units, and it can not inspire optimism.

Glad that it is actually updated communications technology and automatic control system. This is the direction which also pays close attention to management of the country and the Ministry of Defense. Coming to us at the present time communication technology, to work and to become attached to the stationary nodes on digital channels, which increases the quality and capacity of communication. An opportunity to provide new forms of communication, such as video conferencing. Also in the military units of association received new radio relay stations, radio stations, the average power. And in Division teams received portable satellite station, allowing to provide management units at the tactical level to the battalion commander. Another of the new products — new teams come in portable radio set, "aqueduct", allowing to work in the masking mode and provide this type of connection to the squad inclusive.

Improved technology, designed to equip reconnaissance units. Namely, adopted not long ago adopted complexes intelligence, control and communication "Sagittarius". This system allows to collect data on the situation and show it in a graphical and textual forms, capable of receiving the orders of higher authorities, and issuing confirmation of receipt. In addition, this technique can be real-time control of the forces and means division, promptly bring to the personnel of the signals, and control, to monitor the progress of the military division of tasks, including continuous display of the location of each soldier in the wiring map.

I note that all of this brand new technology constantly is engaged in conducting classes, lessons, exercises. To the extent required new standards of AME will be used in the course of the coming strategic command-staff exercise.

— Andrey, the last question, but not the least value. In these days are in the neighborhood and to the fleets arrive graduates of military educational institutions of the 2012 model year. Are their reception in your union? That is, if all the young lieutenants will be located in positions? And what is now the overall staffing situation in the union?

— In accordance with the calculation rassredotachivaniya officers — graduates of the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation in 2012 in the military units of the 58th Army planned arrival of more than three hundred graduates of the Defense Ministry. We have already carried out work in preparation for their admission, placement on the post and the commissioning. Issued orders to the respective commander of the army, in accordance with which implemented a set of measures. If we talk about the social component, noting the preparation of places to stay graduates and their families in hostels, hotels and service apartments, assistance in determining the kids in day care centers, schools, families attachment to the institutions of medical care. I note that of the more than 120 graduates this year, arrived in the army, 23 family has provided housing in dormitories or home-like service apartments.

Upon arrival at the part of the commander personally conducts a conversation with each of the young officers who learns concerns and take positive steps to resolve them. Immediately is checked by Prof. prepare each lieutenant, and to a higher quality of formation in order for each of them is assigned a mentor from among more experienced, expertly prepared and noble officers.

Referring to the current staffing situation in the army, especially the situation with the mission of young officers, I must say that all who came to the union of graduates of military schools located on military posts, including those by the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation are enrolled in order. With all of this only unimportant part of graduates rear specialties and specialties for maintenance and repair of equipment in connection with a small number of officer positions initially located at positions sergeants. At the same time, they cut one in the reserve for the purpose in coming to o
fficer positions.

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