Is there a chance for China and the United States to become partners on a global scale

Is there a chance for China and the United States to become partners on a global scaleJuly 16, 2001 signed a historic contract on cooperation, good neighborliness and friendship between Russia and China. Now in China intensively mark the tenth anniversary of the anniversary of signing the contract, which guaranteed both Russia and China relative calm on the border, as well as contributed to the development of economic ties. To celebrate the momentous steps in Beijing brought together representatives of the Chinese and Russian scientific communities, members of Russian diplomatic mission, former Ambassador of China in Russia, are also people who, one way or another, have attitude to the Russian-Chinese relations. Chinese Institute of international relations organized scientific conference on the subject.

In the near future scientific and political society China started a broad discussion on the place of China in the modern world, its relations with other states. Home usually are on a different level contacts with the United States. Many experts on both sides of the ocean openly state: specifically, these two massive country in the coming term will be the main determining forces on a global scale.

So that is intensely exaggerated information on the probable development of Union G2 — which connect voedinyzhdy inside 2-economic giants. Given these guesses logical that Beijing is particularly close attention to the study of relations with Washington. With all of this some scholars put the US-Chinese dialogue at the first place in China's foreign policy values.

In the relations between China and the United States strongly variegated lot. Unpredictability and caprice white houses in a certain degree of worry that Beijing does not allow fully rely on a mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation. Suffice it to recall the sharp differences on the issue of Taiwan independence, the activity of the U.S. Navy directly from the Chinese border, a permanent and often superfluous sharp, criticism of the Chinese government's dilemma of rights and freedoms of the people of the country, which goes from Washington. Proof that a peaceful dialogue between China and Washington read too early, shows protest government China against the adoption of Barack Obama in the House of Snow White's favorite Tibet — Dalai Lama. As it is clear the meeting was accomplished on July 16 and was held in the roundness of the study, in which, as it is clear the U.S. president sees only heads of state. Specifically, these difficulties and accurate determination of the Chinese policy on the development impact of the so-called the "south" forces to doubt the reality of creation G2. Experts believe that a similar alliance with the U.S. is not feasible for impartial reasons: Beijing louder declares its own claims to dominance in the Pacific Ocean, the area of which up to now was listed as an extraordinary impact zone of the United States.

Against the background of similar disagreements with the United States, the case between China and Russia, are formed quite differently. Today's co-operation on the statement of professionals is not based on ideology, as it was in the days of the Soviet Union, and on the interests of both parties. Now with one of the countries with which bordered the Celestial Empire, not so good-quality relationship with Russia. The ongoing territorial disputes and as a result conflicts with Japan, India and other countries of Indochina are not given the ability to talk about the peaceful neighborhood. At the same time, the Russian border, is an area of peaceful coexistence.

A senior bureaucrat Chen Gopin Chinese Foreign Ministry said: "The similarity of the positions of Moscow and Beijing on topical issues of international and regional issues day or plays a pivotal role in the resolution of a number of global problems. For example, the situation in North Africa and Afghanistan, the development of nuclear programs of North Korea and Iran. "

Beijing is not really interested in that, that hurt peaceful and good neighborly affairs with Moscow. Over the coming decades, China's interests, both economic and political focus to the Pacific Ocean, to the south and south-east of Indochina, Africa, and certainly not as not to the north.

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