Is there a threat of collapse of the current time of the Russian Federation?

Is there currently a threat to the collapse of the Russian Federation?

After the collapse of the Russian Union was created 15 new independent states, but 20 years is completely obvious that virtually all of them did not pass the test of time, being entirely artificial entities. Made only to weaken the stateliness of — the core of the Russian civilization. The Baltic countries in economic terms bankrupt, people are fleeing en masse from there to other European countries. In political terms, they only washed the existence — this is different dirty tricks Russia.

The South Caucasus countries are also showing the inconsistency, their citizens live and work in Russia to feed their own families back home. Georgia has generally managed to fall apart, losing Abkhazia and South Ossetia, on the order of Adjara, which attracts Turkey. Azerbaijan lost the Nagorno-Karabakh, and the chance to return it, no, war and embracing the deportation of Armenians from there that the true time you can not do. The world has not destabilized. The fate of Baku — to become a "companion" of Turkey, with the gradual loss of identity. Only Armenia in the South Caucasus has retained a certain awareness that only in alliance with Russia, it will be able to save themselves. Apparently, the reason is that the Armenians were cut so often that at the genetic level, imprinted realization that one can not survive.

Central Asia, with a decrease in the percentage of the number of Russian, sinking into a medieval obscurantism and deteriorating more and more. In the medium term, it offers a large bloody ethnic conflicts and ruthlessness — for water, for pasture land for agricultural purpose, for mines, etc.. The same example of Osh massacre — all just a harbinger of the future, more large-scale clashes. And it does not necessarily happen in 5-10 years, can begin in at least some moment. All of these countries, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, have a lot of socio-economic, governmental problems. Their fate — is imminent descent into the world of feudalism, the khans, bayami, beys, the slave trade, sale of drugs (for example adjacent Afghanistan and profits of the drug business all the more enticing) coming wear inherited from the Union of Russian infrastructure, degradation of education and medicine, mental potential. Against the background of the introduction of Western razlozhencheskih behaviors will be even harder to strengthen the constructive currents of Islam, increasing the threats to the Islamic revolution. In the end, all of Central Asia will fall into the inferno, becoming the likeness of Afghanistan. The interests of foreign companies and China it will not hurt their economic investments and they can defend by military personal companies. Against their modern communication systems, intelligence, drones, mobile capabilities mercenaries neobasmachi fail to do anything.

Since Moldova is also clear — will be absorbed by Romania in the first ability, with the upcoming de-Russification of the population. Belarus has been more resistant to degradation, but it is not sufficient, because the result will be sad — Lukashenko at some point will have been eliminated, the new pro-Western regime suit "privatization" saved Russian enterprise industry and agriculture will be ruined, the army "optimized" the population will die out even faster.

Our small home — it's just a bunch of problems, ready to undermine the country in which at least a moment. It can erode through the Crimea. Remember Syria, unlike the more measured treatment than Ukrainian. And it rocked right to storm the city with artillery and armored vehicles. Reincarnate Ukraine in ruins will be much easier. You can start in the Crimea, on the border with Romania, Hungary and Poland. You can play the card of Galicia, constructive mood of western Ukrainians (many of them believe that they are hampered in the way of a "United Europe" south-east of Ukraine). Plus degradation of the army, the country's infrastructure, the mass of the socio-economic problems.

It turns out that all the republics of the former Soviet Union — is an artificial entity, made after the defeat of the Red Empire in World War III, or, in other words, in the "cold war." In Moscow it is time to pass a law "about a broken single Russian people" (Great Russians, Ukrainians, Belorussians), "about a broken big Russian." Need a new alliance our people, on the other can not, alone of all nations are doomed to be victims of globalization of the West or, alternatively, China or the Islamic world.

Thus, according to the latest data of Rosstat, in place of the Soviet Union formed a bunch of anti-social, anti-national countries, "Nearly three-quarters of the population of — or more low-income citizens in need. Still worse is the case in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Azerbaijan, and a bit better — in Belarus. "

And another fact: in time Conference "20 years after the Soviet Union: what next?" deputy chairman of the security committee of the State Duma Gennady Gudkov said that there was a threefold increase in the export of capital from the Russian Federation. In other words, the modern "elite" is busy only about their own self-interest, it does not tie its future to the future RF and its peoples.

When such a situation social revolution — just a matter of time …

The only thing that can save the people of the Russian Federation, the former Russian Union of nothingness — is new global project, globalization in Russian, the new association. Given the mistakes of the past, for example: no distortions of the region to the Baltic states or regions of Central Asia settled in at the expense of the central regions. And for this the Russian Federation need brand new elite, ready to wage war for its own people, defend only its interests.

Is there currently a threat to the collapse of the Russian Federation?


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