Jasmine and Violet — impact guns and cartridges gas type

The first time such devices appear in the 80s to arm some union Russian special services. The devices have incorporated the best of gas pistols and cartridges. The gun for self-defense was a new development and superior gas pistols and cartridges separately.

Spetskompleks (spetspistolet) liquid PSG made TSNIITOCHMASH for government agencies as a tool neletatelnogo act.

Jasmine and Violet - "impact" guns and cartridges gas type

Spetsustroystvo developed on the basis of "Violet" to temporarily neutralize the impact of the object by the introduction of liquid formulations having in its composition irritants. "Jasmine" — the development of the Kirov plant "Mayak", refers to a class of spray-type cartridges. Purchasing and wearing accessible to everyone, no permissions for this will not be necessary. Because of the aerosol jet acts may be used in closed rooms without fear of getting into the zone acts OVRD.

The future development of tools for self-defense is a spectacular name "HIT". This is a device shaped like a pistol grip are way metered aerosol spray cans, cartridges, wearing the name "BAM" — compact type of aerosol cans. One of the advantages of the "hits" — at the time of purchase and possession for you do not need them any permission. For all the characteristics of the "hits" are not a military weapon, and can be used by citizens for self-defense.

"HIT" — spetskompleks using liquid cartridges (cartridges single execution), equipped with poison gas with an irritating effect. Base spetskompleksa — gun reusable actions (starter). When you press the trigger coming from the aerosol spray jet strikes the enemy. The effective range of 5-6 meters at the direction of the jet is not affected by weather conditions in contrast to the same gas pistol. The number of aerosol OVRD the defeat actually always pretty to remove him from the dead (neutralization). The principal feature of the "hits" a small risk to the possessor of exposure to aerosols from an inkjet device acts. The main limitation — recommended the use of more than 50 cm away from the enemy, otherwise eye damage may be the holder of the "hits".

The principle of the act "hits" after — for a shot toward the direction of the jet spray gun discharged at a distance of 3 meters. Based on the results of their implementation can be attributed even to the Taser. Cartridges (Bama) on his own composition, two subspecies are divided tear act and pepper 2-subspecies of natural and chemical origin. 100 percent effect of the introduction of the "hits" — it hit the jet spray in the face of the attacker, but the effect will be sufficient with a partial hit.

Bama have used metal body and performed a number of companies. Liquid from the cartridge is exposed to gases that drive the plunger. When all the water is ejected it stops in the last position of the end sleeve, preventing ability gases come out. This ensured the silence of the introduction of the "hits".

Spetskompleks consists of a trigger, a ratchet base, feeder BAMov, cheeks — which is the body, fuse, front sight and rear sight. Spetskompleksy charged 5-Tew BAMami Posti and structurally indistinguishable. The main difference is that the "Jasmine", many parts are made of plastic, which is significantly lowered its cost in comparison with the "violets."

Jasmine and Violet - "impact" guns and cartridges gas type

Types BAMov (rounds):
— BAM capacity CR 20 mg;
— Bump-5 OS capacity of 150 mg;
— Bumpy operating capacity of 150 mg;
— BAM-capacity 2,000-04R 20mg CR, 150 mg of the IPC;
— BAM-4.000KP used SK-1 + CO2;
— BAM-04 2,000-capacity IPC 150 mg;
— BAM-2.000-04s IPC capacity of 150 mg with a blue dye;
— BAM-4000-X type of load;
— BAM-4000-CP load type with the effect of fireworks.
On this day, several commercially available 10-s BAMov standard, plus you are able to make to order Bama's offense with the effect that you want, from the authorized use.

The main features:
— unloaded weight — 150 g;
— length of 10.6 cm;
— width of 3.2 cm;
— Height 12.6 sentimentality;
capacity internal store BAMov 5;
— introducing range from 0.5 up to 5-6 meters.

Jasmine and Violet - "impact" guns and cartridges gas type

A distinctive feature of this embodiment implements self-button type trigger with which comfortably use implement at least some hand. As the rounds here used mini Bama.

Gun produced by AKBS located in Nizhny Novgorod. It is also used mini Bama.

Jasmine and Violet - "impact" guns and cartridges gas type

Tula instrument of production of "A + A" is different in the first modern design and more than good looks like a remote control. Uses for shooting Bama for strikes.

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