Journalists criticized the new Kalashnikov

Journalists criticized the new "Kalashnikov"Russian media never cease to criticize new machine Kalashnikov AK-12, the pride of Izhevsk arms factory. AK-12 is to change the outdated AK-74. Despite the fact that the new model of the famous guns have supposedly improved design, the machine will not pull on the claimed "fifth generation".

The design of the AK-12 armed with a Picatinny rail, a special device mounting of additional equipment, but it shall be astonished, only those who had never seen the South American M-16, the Israeli Negev or the product of German gunsmiths. Many media outlets have questioned whether enough of such features as its versatility (the introduction of the machine is left-handed and right-handed), the ability to control with one hand, "soften" the impact, the availability of new stores with an increased number of cartridges to be considered an AK-12 automatic 5 fourth generation.

The official presentation of the new "Kalashnikov" was held on the last Wed. According to the General Director of the NGO "Izhmash" Maxime Kuzyuk, the main purpose of the developers was to create a common and reliable machine with the same puzzles and the new requirements.

He is offended by Russian journalists, because time after time there are articles in the press, in what are disrespectful expressions directed to the address of AK-12. Thus, for example, AK-12 dubbed the bluff with what Kuzyuk disagree, saying that "this is not a bluff, this is the real tool. "

"Bluff" new "Kalashnikov" in the media began to call for the newspaper "Izvestia". In it there was an article about the discontent of the Ministry of Defence of the new machine, which was titled as "The project of the new machine was a bluff." After that, this unflattering characterization of the press attributed specifically military authorities, which often criticizes the military developers. But in fairness it should be noted that representatives of the Defense word "bluff" in relation to the machine did not speak in public.

Yet, said press that AK-12 is a rather crude design, requiring harsh both industrial and military trials. Photos AK-12 that appeared in the press, also suggest that there is nothing so special that would automatically call it the fifth generation. The novelty of the instrument as ever in doubt. At a 2011 show small tools organized for members of the Military-Industrial Commission under the Russian government and the Army in Klimovsk new automatic on the shield of "Izhmash" has not been submitted. Some journalists believe that his absence hardly clarifies the secrecy, "just need to think, there is nothing to brag about."

Not for nothing is the Ministry of Defence did not report the purchase of an AK-12, only the Ministry of Internal Affairs became interested in the new Kalashnikov. In general, the "Izhmash" can not rely on the municipal order from the War Office in respect of the AK, as there stated that recently the Ministry of Defense is not going to take the machines. Explained to the fact that there are supplies in warehouses AK-74, which in the 10's again surpass the needs of the Russian army.

The journalists also believe that large supplies machines will slow down the process of modernization, because it asks the creation of a breakthrough, superbly new small guns. Is such a machine AK-12 — question. Discussions about the vending machine is the fifth generation are only risky marketing ploy.

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