Kastusyou met orshantsami

At a meeting with the presidential candidate, which was held at the House of Culture of the visually impaired, hundreds of residents gathered near Orsha

Among those present were ideological workers of local enterprises, chairman of the city Election Commission, but most came on their own initiative.

Gregory Kastusyou told about himself, stressing that he — the last presidential candidate from the BNF for the last 16 years, since the days when he ran Zenon Pozniak. Those present at the meeting asked why the authority of the Party for Lately down, and what suggestions for improvement of the situation in Belarus is at the party nominee.

Heard and provocative remarks, saying that that tells the candidate — it is a lie, and there are no problems either in the economy or in social life. But the support of the hall authors of such statements had not.

Kastusyou told about the program, which goes to the polls. In conclusion, the local poet Evgenij Kozlov read your own poem "Our Flag", prompting Hall to shout "Long live Belarus!"

Gregory Kastusyou and Yevgeny Kozlov


choice, Election 2010

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