Kazakh boy covered in hair


Ablay scares surrounding his appearance: a boy from head to toe covered with hair. He possesses superhuman speed and reaction. According to doctors, Ablay light sleeper moves like a predator, and runs for stray dogs.

Doctors banned child shave and rub ointment. Shorn of its one side, and the rest can not touch it, otherwise the hair will be more. The parents did not give up his son, cared for, tried to cure, but to no avail — the hair growing everywhere. Doctors say that his genes are "very similar" to the genes of monkeys.

Otherwise Ablay perfectly normal: he is a good student in school, loves ice cream, takes care of the girls and interested in expensive cars.

For the first time this child wrote, "Komsomolskaya Pravda" a few years ago. Phenomenal patsanenka doctors discovered accidentally. Doctors Republican Children's Hospital "Aksay" traveled to remote areas of Kazakhstan to inspect children. We got to the remote village Teremgash. View Ablay simply shook. This they have only seen in textbooks of Medical Biology and Genetics. The boy suffers from a rare disease: it from head to toe covered thickly growing hair.

The case is unique. The causes of hypertrichosis (the name of this disease) may be akin to a marriage or a genetic fault. It seems that the boy was a victim and that and the other. Parents, mom and dad Bakhit Ayauly — distant cousins. In a mountain village in another does not happen. Or another reason. The area where this happened, Panfilov, bordered by a Chinese nuclear test Labnor.

The family Nauryzbayeva grow two more children. Ordinary, normal kids. To view older sister Ablay familiar, two-year brother still can not understand what evil has happened to ABPA.



In Alma-Ata, the Children's Hospital examined the child. Deputy head doctor Gulnara Kulmarzaeva says:

— We made him an x-ray of the hands. According to the bone structure, it corresponds to a four-child. The psychologist found a small delay speech development. And the boy pigeon breast and small problems with the heart and the liver. But this is directly from the growth of body hair has nothing to do.

With mom Ablay hard to communicate, people from mountain villages terse. The doctors told her that the world is such a thing — the circus. And if you give back his son, he will always be money.

And now the mother of all inquiries to the distant dreamy smile meets word:

— Circus!

Ayauly know that my son had no future. He never married and got a job working in a sanatorium near their mountain village. We can only circus …

According to media reports

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