KGB does not do justice to music guitar

Osipovichsky music, activist team of ex-presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva Igor Simbir seeks to KGB gave him back his guitar and a netbook with draft records of his works. They were taken on December 20th from the apartment, which he takes in Minsk. Simbir the search was in custody in Zhodino detention center.

May 30 music sent a complaint to the Prosecutor General of Belarus. In it, he accuses Chairman of the KGB Vadim Zaitsev a deliberate omission, tightening the case as well as a gross violation of the Law on citizens.

"I have already addressed the Minsk KGB demanding the return of my property to me. When I called back, the employee has confirmed to me that the treatment received and, as I said, redirected" to the top. "I seek the return of their belongings, as doing now active concert activities. I'm not going to be silent, and I will bite as soon as I can. guilty of breaking the law be punished, "said Igor Simbrov.

In order to secure the return of seized items, music has appealed to the headquarters of the previous investigations.

"I spoke directly to the investigator Dyanishchanki. He told me that things are in the council of the Minsk KGB. Said that I applied there. In Minsk KGB officer Kalachev I wrote. He wills that can not give my things as busy work. In the letter he pointed out that I I have the right complain to the republican KGB. So I did — complained Zaitsev. It is not responsible for two months. Since my appeal was written Zaitsev, then today I asked the prosecutor to him personally. "

As stated by Igor Simbir, after complaints of unknown origin to send it to the email messages with insults and threats.

December 19 Igor Simbir was in a convoy of supporters Vladimir Neklyaeva, which was attacked by the security services. He was detained on the night of December 19 and 20. In Zhodino he served 15 days.

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