Khamayda released, but were videotaped

Vitebsk opposition leader Boris Khamayda detained for a boycott of the election, was released from the railway police station, without having made any protocols.

But the interrogation caused the operator who was filming Khamaida when he gave an explanation of why he went into the city center with a sign "No legitimate Constitution does not present a legitimate election result."

Khamaida believes that the video can be used either in a regular transmission WT or possible trial for unauthorized picketing.

While the subpoena Boris Khamayda not given. Police officers, he warned that tomorrow will come again with the same poster in the same place so-called "Blue House" — the house number 28 on Lenin Street.

Recall that only the day before yesterday, Boris Khamaida out of the detention center, where he spent the night in jail for the previous rally calling for a boycott of the upcoming elections. First Railway district court sentenced opposition activist to 5 days of arrest, but the decision on its own initiative challenged the regional prosecutor's office. The second participant of the picket, a member of the CCP BPF Jan Derzhavtsevu, on the very day November 22 was awarded a penalty of 350 thousand. Posters "Just boycott" and "participation in the electoral farce — it's treason" to protesters seized.



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