Kiss of Life


At the conclusion of physicians, Alice Lawson, who was only a year and two months, was hopeless. After meningitis, stroke, kidney failure with little girl lying in the hospital the English town of Scunthorpe, in a coma, connected to life support machines.

In fact, it's not her, but her body is no longer able to breathe independently, doctors said. And then the girl's parents decided that since their daughter died, even though her organs will save lives to someone else. It was decided to turn off the girl from the respirator. The brigade was waiting for transplant in the House next.

The night before, my parents came to the house of Alice and spent last night at the crib daughter. Jennifer's mom bought beads that Alice has always loved. How to tell mom then, in the morning everything was a blur. They came and started off machines, lamps were extinguished. The girl gave him an injection of morphine.
Jennifer thought it was all a delusion. She was talking to her daughter, tried to tell her how they all love her, imagining that the baby somewhere hears and understands everything.

The photo is disabled mother kissing a girl on the apparatus. "She was so warm, so dear" — then tells Jennifer, who, hugging her daughter, could not believe that this is really the last time. It seemed like Alice's just sleeping.

And then the nurse came and said do not need transplant. Then came the doctor. He told the family that, in what is hard to believe. Doctors looking through mirrored wall in the next ward and first realized that the girl … began to breathe on their own.

Today, Alice is already more than three years. This unique event took place in March 2010. The consequences of serious illness have not been for a girl for nothing. Coma after she was like a newborn. Even the head could not hold their own.




Alice (on his mother's lap) and her older sister (right)

All that Alice had time to learn before she had to learn all over again. There are other problems. One leg is shorter, it is difficult to go — in the future we plan to have surgery to fix it. However, renal function, by contrast, has recovered very well.

Alice goes to a special garden. Learning to count. Drives a specially converted for her bike and draws. When she runs into the kitchen and kisses puppy nose, my mother remembered that farewell kiss, after which there was a miracle.

Alice is alive and happy parents.


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