Komplot or U.S. attempt to set up the world against Iran

Americans claim gromozvuchno disclosure komplota, whose goal was to blast the Saudi ambassador to the United States. It is understood that the plan was to implement the special operations unit of the Iranian army.

The Obama administration has announced to the world on the Islamic republic disclosed plans to destroy the Saudi ambassador to the United States. These accusations are nothing other than an attempt to set up other countries against Iran. Vice President Joe Biden said last significance of uniting the world in taking action to isolate the Iranians. Just the administration of U.S. President campaigning for the introduction of new international sanctions against Iran, as well as for tougher sanctions against the individual states of the country.

The State Department has prepared a telegram, which was sent to all U.S. embassies and missions in the world. In a dispatch hidden examined the evidence provided by federal prosecutors, not counting this document instructs diplomats to ask all countries to discern an appropriate response against Iran, with all this, certain measures are not indicated.

Vice-President says as much about the fact that U.S. retaliatory actions may be more severe than it mean beyond sanctions, but as long as the decision on it is pending. He also expressed that the case is not just about killing rank and file, in this case exposes the relations of states. At the same time, Biden does not raise speculation that komplot approved by the representatives of the government of Iran.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in komplote sees signs of Iran's support of terrorism and believes that for these, passing all bounds, acts Iran must be brought to justice. Together with the president they wish to recruit other countries to act together against the threat from Iran.

The British Government is prepared to support the U.S. and other countries on the issue of new sanctions, which are liable Iran. China does not support the introduction of new sanctions, but business deals with Saudi Arabia, which is emerging in recent years, can change its attitude to the situation.

American officials continue to talk about the fact that Iran is the main sponsor of global terrorism and the estimated komplot is an additional proof of that. In addition, Iran continues to develop nuclear weapons under the guise of civilians programm on nuclear power, though it denies.

Prospective komplot was uncovered by the FBI action, together with the Office of Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the participants komplota planned to kill the Saudi ambassador to the United States on the ground, as well as the explosion of its embassy in Washington in the coming already been said about the undermining of the Saudi and Israeli Embassies in Buenos Aires.

In the center is the figure of the planned komplota Arbabsiara Mansoura, a 56-year-old man, a citizen of Iran and America, as well as his assistant Iranian Gholam Shakuri, it is understood that he yavlyatsya a member of the forces of "Quds" Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.
One of the agents of the DEA shows a schematic face in the middle of a Mexican drug cartel members. Specifically with him a couple of times met Arbabsiar, who in the course of the negotiations mentioned that a high-ranking bureaucrats subject to the Iranian government, as well as read that in their own familiar representatives of the government can get "tons of opium" for the Mexican cartel may be, they discussed the Afghan ties . With DEA agent Arbabsiar forcibly open a discussion series of operations, including the undermining of the 1st of favorite restaurants in Washington, where there salting Saudi Arabia. Arbabsiar was arrested on September 29, the Ministry of Justice claims that he gave the grateful testimony. His accomplice — Shakuri, remains at large.

President Obama made the call to al-Dzhubeyru, Ambassador Saydovskoy Arabia, on which it was planned assassination, and expressed the idea that the U.S. diplomats are fussing about the safety of other countries in their own country, and declared averted komplot "Flagrant" violation of not only the laws of America, and international laws.

On the part of the Iranian parliament speaker Ali Larindzhani followed by a statement that all the acts of the United States — only foolish game, but with cheap statements in the media America only hides your own tasks. Affairs Iran and Saudi Arabia speaker referred to normal, stressing that the circumstances of this silly sounding komplota not. Their outrage over the unfair accusations and expressed his head office prees the Iranian consulate in the United Nations, Alireza Miryusefi.

The U.S. State Department, in turn, warned the Yankees about possible terrorist acts, organized by Iran, including in the areas of the United States. Clinton warned that Iran would refute all but the charges substantiated.

Try to understand what could serve as a prerequisite for the intended komplota and whether in reality enthusiasm in killing Iranian ambassador. Saudi Arabia — the main Sunni Muslim power center in the Middle East, is closely allied government has ties with the U.S. — davneshnim enemy Iran. In turn, Iran — is the most massive and influential Shiite Muslim government. Not surprisingly, Iran and Saudi Arabia are fighting for power and influence in the region. Earlier, Iran is trying to incriminate the cause controversy in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and some other countries during the democratic movements in the region.

Murder ambassador to Iran could be profitable, as would be sparked anti-American sentiment in Saudi Arabia, and other countries. But it turned out any involvement in the murder of Iranian retaliation would inevitably, and to answer it the Iranian army is not ready.

The result of "disclosure" komplota flow was harsh statements by U.S. officials, distort any information. The Pentagon has increased surveillance powers "Quds" and Iranian actions in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf. Washington intends to impose additional sanctions against Iran and refer the matter to the UN Security Council. What can we expect next? Iran bombing by NATO to protect all diplomats Saudi Arabia, as Iran is not regime change?

Ali Akbar Javanfekr, a spokesman for Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke, that everything that happens — a fabricated scenario the United States, which has been very many. The goal of the U.S. government is that the public has forgotten about the internal dilemmas, drawing his own view of the country's borders. While Iran is not even confirmed that participants komplota in fact the citizens of Iran.

The Iranian government must absolutely forget about the logical approach to diplomacy, which has always been proud to admit so counterproductive act in relation to a senior adviser on foreign policy overlords Abdullah on the terrain of the United States. What still concerns allegations that Iran is interfering in all the bouts in the Middle East, it's clean water advocacy Saudi Arabia. In reality, this particular house of Saud destroys any possibility of the "Arab Spring" in the Persian Gulf, invading Bahrain, to hold repression, as well as suppressing the protests of their own in the eastern provinces where the local population mostly Shiites.

All these discussions about "uncovering conspiracies" melts as a pretext for war. Well, the very moment, which was chosen for the announcement on the disclosure komplota, very suspicious. Thomas E. Donilon, who is an adviser on national security white houses, said King Abdullah of komplote more than 2-weeks prior to the resounding statements of South Amer
ican governments.

What after all is due to the fact that information about komplote appeared in the media specifically at the moment? It is possible that this is due to another scandal, in what appeared to be involved Holder. Is it about "Operation Fast and Furious", this means a huge amount of federal operations South American gun was in the hands of the same Mexican drug cartels.

Attempt to have forgotten about the "Operation Fast and Furious," about 10 years of war in Afghanistan, the economic chaos that captured the United States and an increasingly confident movement "Occupy Wall Street" and became "disclosure conspiracy" on the ground the U.S., organized by well-known opponent of — Iran.

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