Kosachev: This week, suddenly went bankrupt Belarus

Belarusian economic crisis was expected, since the state must live within its means and not to build the economy from election to election, and in debt.

Wrote about it in his blog on May 27 online radio station "Echo of Moscow" head of the International Committee of the State Duma of Russia Kosachev.

National Bank of Belarus on May 23 announced a sharp devaluation Belarusian ruble, raising the official dollar exchange rate immediately by 56% — up to 4930 rubles from the previous 3155 rubles. Based on these rates, the currency formally became cheaper relative to the dollar by 36%. Transactions on the OTC market of Belarus practically made for a third day, while the price primarily food and imports continue to rise.

"At the this week suddenly went bankrupt Belarus (although this has not yet officially announced), which is before many of Russia's policy in the discussions about our economic realities attributed to the field of miracles "- said Kosachev.

He writes that "the default Ming could not happen as the default Moscow in 1998."

"The actions of Lukashenka in the economic and social sphere rather primitive trampled logic of modern development, which involves a long life and our means, and not from election to election and in debt" — summed up policies.



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