Krasnoyarsk chimps will watch cartoons every day

The Krasnoyarsk zoo "Swarms stream" TV set in the cage with the chimpanzees to stimuliprovat psychological development primate watching cartoons, said the zoo.

TV is set in the pen with the most intellectually developed and measurable learning apes — Tikhon and Anfisa, besides cartoons they will show documentaries about animals. Zoo staff say that now the two monkeys for eight years, and each year the games are becoming increasingly complex, as well as an increasing need chimpanzees learn something new.

"View Video enrich habitat primates and will create favorable conditions for the proper psychological development of apes. Still difficult to say what Anfisa Tikhon 'preference — cartoons or films about wildlife. Chimpanzees now getting used to the new entertainment and viewing of video on 10-15 minutes ", — reported in" swarms creek. "

Over time, increase the duration of video session, but generally watch TV Tisha and Anfisa be no more than two hours a day, as it should be for children.

Krasnoyarsk zoologists working in a zoo, constantly coming up with something new in order to enrich the habitat of chimpanzees. Tikhon and Anfisa first issued for the game different items, then they fell in love and print products: long monkey with interest the color pictures in magazines. But magazines like toys very quickly become useless, so always need new ones.

"Out of blankets and sheets they make themselves swing, and Tikhon plays in" Ghost "- throwing a blanket over his head is worn on the cage. Anfisa carefully lays out a cloth, building a bed. Soft toys Anfisa loves more than Tisha, some of it makes the dolls — for long walks with the toy, holding it in a characteristic way — just as chimpanzees are young ", — the zoo.

A similar behavior has been reported by scientists and young female chimpanzees in the wild, as the dolls they use rounded sticks and driftwood. Typically, the female gave birth to more with dolls is not playing.

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