Ladies in uniform. The Iranian army

Women in uniform.  The Iranian army

If even half a century back the ladies in the army if they were seen, but only in the form of a military hospital personnel, cooks or personnel monetary units. Now almost all the armies of the world situation has radically changed. And this is due not so far away that the number of women in the world greater than the number of boys, and that often lady men in uniform in the same uniform in fact nothing is not inferior. Yes, ladies — is unique in special units, but not including special forces have in the Armed Forces and other areas where the ladies can fully express themselves.

In this regard, you can read about that in the Russian army trend growth in the number of female soldiers. If previously married army meant that the groom — is a soldier, and his wife — A person purely civilian, now often in a registry office both come in their dress uniforms, emphasizing his attitude to military service. Even for such actions as a ransom for military wives script type can not be prepared in the walls of a matrimonial agency, and the officers' dormitory, where she wife and lives. Military wedding can be such when a person is a civilian fiancé, but wife Border officers wearing epaulettes or Internal Troops, and now that of a wedding option far not call nonsense.

One of the most numerous in terms of ladies' personnel armies in the world is Iran army. Here, it is hard to believe, but there are entire divisions consisting entirely of young women who hide their own way for an ordinary black hijab, but with all this wearing on his breast charged machines. Besides the midst of the Revolutionary Guards meet ladies who are called Iranian ninjas. It seems that this is something from the world of science fiction, but in fact a girl-ninja receive special training for instant attacks on the enemy with the first application of a cool gun. Women are taught from a young age in martial arts and appeal with a gun, so they at first ability could take part in the confrontation of foreign aggression. The school, which prepares female ninja — unique in its own way. Created it in the late 80's, is close to Tehran, and is trained in it for more than 3 thousand women ready to defend his country. Female ninja called part Bassidzh or irregular troops.

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