Launched a military satellite from Plesetsk taken to control the troops EKR

Troops aerospace defense took over management Military satellite launched on Thursday from the Plesetsk space center, told reporters the official dealer of the Russian Defense Ministry troops on EKR Colonel Alexei Zolotukhin.

Combat troops ASD calculations on Thursday successfully launched a carrier rocket middle class "Soyuz-U" with gallakticheskim machine series "Cosmos" which will work in the interests of the Defense Ministry.

"At 21.18 MSK gallaktichesky machine "Kosmos-2480" adopted by the management the ground is the Head of the test center gallakticheskogo Gallakticheskogo Forces Command EKR, which will run in the upcoming by him during orbital flight, "- said Zolotukhin.

Total control of start producing commander Lt. Gen. EKR Oleg Ostapenko. He praised the concerted actions of combat crew, who participated in the preparation and conduct of the rocket launch and gallakticheskogo system: the highest level of professional training, technical expertise and collaboration.
On the Plesetsk launch followed the conduct of more than 80 officers, entities and units Troops ASD who participate in the first training-methodical gathering of senior aerospace defense forces under the control of the commander.

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