Lemuria, the Lost Continent


Their growth — almost three meters. Their skin changes color from green to blue depending on the season. Their faces — highly elongated eyes — huge, eyelids do not open up and to the side, as if the door to the single-wing lift. They breathe through the skin, without the aid of light. They are bisexual. But most importantly, their souls came from the stars, Sirius and the Pleiades, and already on the ground were corporeal shell …

Thus, according to one version, looked Mu, more commonly known as lemurs. Their civilization was the oldest on earth, even older than the legendary Atlantis … The heyday of Mu falls on the 14th millennium BC. e. But some argue that the country flourished much earlier (75,000 — 20,000 years BC. E.)

Mu = Lemuria?

For the first time I heard about the modern civilization of Mu in the XIX century. Scientist Augustus Le Plonzheon (Augustus Le Plongeon) conducted research of the ancient Maya texts in the Yucatan and found: a great people thought that is descended from the Atlanteans, the ancient Egyptians and some of Mu.

And in 1864, the English geologist Philip Sclater (Philip Sclater) in the article "The Mammals of Madagascar" mentioned the name of Lemuria (from where did he get — unknown), he suggested that Madagascar and India — the remnants of a larger continent of Lemuria.

Since then, the legend went that Lemuria and was thus the lost continent where Moo-lived. Confirmed this and Mayan writings, which said that she was in the Pacific Ocean (hence another name Lemuria — Pacifica). Detailed maps of the sunken continent at the time found a Spanish scientist Javier Cabrera (Javier Cabrera) on tablets of stone (Ica stones) in Peru.

A lot of people rushed in search of "sister" of Atlantis. Among them was the writer James Churchward (James Churchward). He spent 50 years trying to reconstruct the history of a great civilization. Churchward found out that the continent was at length 8,000 km, and a width of about 5000 km. Lived here 65 million.

Most Mu lived in homes with transparent roofs. Lemurs are never sick, do not suffer from stress and live a hundred years. Mu had the gift of clairvoyance, telepathy, teleportation, astral travel can make. Moreover, they were able to control the solar energy, ultrasonic frequencies and energy crystals. Were able to … but did not. Science has not played a big role in their lives, mostly for Mu was one with nature.

Premarital custom — the nature of the test

In particular, all the lovers, who wanted to marry had to pass the test of nature. Tribal elder ordered the man and woman to give up all their possessions priest, and by the strip naked and go into the forest. In the forest pair remained 28 days. During this time, the lovers had to build a house, learning how to make clothes out of the gifts of nature and provide food. If, after the expiry couple returned to the world without experiencing any negative with respect to each other, the priest gave love all their possessions and recognized them husband and wife.

Lemuria and Atlantis — continents interests

There is a version that Mu and Atlantis were closely linked. Residents of both continents share the same interests: science people went to Atlantis, and those who wanted to dedicate his life to art and spiritual pursuits, came to Lemuria. But scientific experiments that were carried out in Atlantis caused the destruction of both civilizations.

Great flood comes …

It is said that many residents of Lemuria knew in advance about the crash, and for two or three thousand years before the unfortunate events began to prepare for it. Their aim was to preserve the knowledge of mankind and the Earth as a whole. Lemurs believe that if they can pass the information to the greatest number of people, the descendants she postponed the subconscious, will fit into memory at the gene level.

Also lemurs began to create detailed maps of underground tunnels that connected all the important points of the planet.

And then, when Mu received omen they descended into the tunnels. But not all. Many remained on the surface and face up to the end of their country.

There is a belief that the bearers of knowledge lemurs are the people of Asia, particularly the Japanese (by the way, the holders of Atlantis — Egyptian and European druids). But much of this knowledge is in the human subconscious. They are only open to those who visit the Egyptian pyramids or the black stones of Ica in Peru.
But the mistake to think that the lemurs themselves disappeared from the face of the earth. There is a version that they continue to live underground and rarely come to the surface of Mount Shasta (California, USA). Local residents have repeatedly told us that they had seen strange people in the snow-white clothes, who were hiding in the crater of the volcano. With these words in 1894, Englishman Frederick Spencer Oliver (Frederick Spencer Oliver) wrote a "resident of both worlds."

Lemuria found!

In 1999, the research vessel 'JOIDES Resolution' really found on the bottom of the Indian Ocean continent about the size of a third of modern Australia. Studies have shown that it sank 20 million years ago. This place is called Kerguelen. Scientist Mike Coffin of the University of Texas confirmed, it is likely that the Kerguelen once connected India and Australia in a single continent (just like Lemuria!).

It remains Mu and often include Fiji, Hawaii is part of the modern Los Angeles. Many believe that the fragment of an ancient continent is Easter Island. The legends of the indigenous people even have a character Khiva, which went under the water to rise again when the time comes …

But if the Kerguelen sank 20 million years ago — so it can not be the legendary Mu. Perhaps the Kerguelen only served as the basis for the myth of Lemuria? Or we just do not look for it there …

Julia Lahmetkina

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