Let’s make me laugh (Ukraine) (a lot of issues) watch online

Let's make me laugh (Ukraine) (a lot of issues) watch online
The main thing in this show — to have a sense of humor, and the other — anywhere! But, fortunately, all the participants of the project, as the selection — the repeal of comedians that his words will not come back pocket, and here you will be given for the significant portion of jokes that on a day to ensure you do not have a bad mood.
But in this project with a few of their other tasks. And you have to evaluate how well they will govern them. After leading thinks of the show word, participants need to try to explain to the employees what word was think of. But the whole trick is that it must be done without words, using only gestures.
Tasks in the lead very difficult and some get a chance to show itself in all its beauty, as some leading zagadannoy words is very difficult to explain just gestures. But the more fascinating and fun gear, and the more they will cause the laughter of the audience.

Humorous transfer

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