Lethargy — imaginary death?

The line that separates life from death, deceptive and ambiguous. Who can tell where it ends and another begins? Lethargy (Greek lethargia, from lethe-«oblivion" and argia — «omission") is the imaginary death, the state of stillness, like a dream.


In humans, the two main bodies that have non-stop work for the rest of his life — the brain and the heart. When the heart stops working, people die, and when the brain is turned off, he dives into lethargy — a condition that can be fatal for him … All processes in the human body at this time is slowing sharply. The sense organs are not responding to external sound, light and mechanical stimuli, and consciousness in man is completely turned off. Lethargy can last from a few minutes to many years, and this time the person does not get old. And waking up, people are starting to get old fantastically fast for 1-3 years developing in these old people.

The causes lethargy medicine not set (according to scientists, that way people sleep sensitive, emotional and post a lot of stress), and therefore the number of buried alive can be judged by the number of cases that have become public knowledge. But the most ancient source of relative lethargy and buried alive are the Old and New Testaments, there are examples where the resurrection of the dead. And this is nothing like waking up after a pipe dream, or resuscitation with clinical death.

Fortune Petrarch

Certificate of lethargy we find in the pages of the old Russian chronicles. One of the most interesting is the story of Dmitry Krasnov, who died in 1440 in Galicia. These and other cases are described in the book, NM Karamzin's "History of the Russian state." The existence of the phenomenon of lethargy in the past has led to the creation of many fairy tales, the plot of which could be called the "Sleeping Beauty."

Judging by the number of a variety of evidence, the peak has buried alive in the XVIII century. Later, such evidence is much less.

Fall into lethargy people are always afraid, because, as already mentioned, there was always the danger of being buried alive. For example, the famous Italian poet Francesco Petrarch, who lived in the XIV century, in the age of 40, became seriously ill. Once he lost consciousness, he was considered dead and buried going. Fortunately, the law at the time forbade the burial of the dead before the day after his death. Waking up is almost at his tomb, Petrarch said that he felt great. After that, he lived another 30 years and wrote many of his best sonnets.

"When the Sleeper Wakes"

Famous English writer Wilkie Collins and HG Wells were afraid lethargy. First even left beside the bed at night a note with a list of actions that should be taken before you recognize him dead. Wrote a second short story, "When the Sleeper Wakes", the hero who falls asleep and wakes lethargy in the near future. Fortunately, neither Collins nor Wells lethargy did not fall, and died a natural death.

Well-known concerns of Nikolai Gogol being buried alive. The final mental breakdown occurred, the writer after the woman died, he infinitely loved — Catherine Khomyakov, the wife of his friend. Her death shocked Gogol. Soon, he burned the manuscript of the second part of "Dead Souls" and experiencing an acute mental breakdown, took to his bed. Doctors advised him to lie down well, but the body of the writer defended him too well — he fell into a profound sleep salvation, which, of course, at that time was for the death of …

However, while in Russia, and in Europe about the lethargy little known. So if someone fell into it, poor guy just buried alive. Transferring old European cemeteries, where spot-check of coffins, found that a quarter of all the dead, who were buried, and then revived. From the position of bodies in coffins clear that the "dead" soon after the funeral unsuccessfully tried to get out of the grave …

Bell and the telephone

In 1838, the newspaper "Sunday Times" reported the unlikely event that took place in one of the villages. Once lowered into the grave the coffin with the dead and buried, there came out of the ground an indistinct sound. While fearful cemetery workers came to, dug grave and opened it, it was too late: the cover they saw frozen in horror and despair face. A broken arm in a shroud and wounds have shown that the poor trying to get to the will itself.

Similar cases have been reported in other countries. For example, in Germany in 1773, after the screams coming from the grave was exhumed recently buried a pregnant woman. Witnesses found a brutal struggle for life: jar buried alive preterm birth, and the child finally suffocated in the coffin with her mother.

By the way, in the UK there is still a law that all refrigerators mortuaries should be a bell with a rope to the animated corpse could bells to call for help, Slovakia also went a step further: there is the grave of the dead man lay mobile phone. This "fashion" is associated with multiple incidents occurring in recent times, was buried alive, lapsed into lethargy or severe coma.

Statistics never

In general, as lethargy began to acquire fame in different countries have a special society. First appeared in the Netherlands in 1767 and only 25 years since the establishment, it has saved from burial alive for almost a thousand "dead"!

However, statistics are not buried alive never conducted. About them we learn only from the ancient chronicles, newspaper articles, and special medical journals. For example, the famous physiologist IP Pavlov described one of his patient, who slept 20 years — from 1898 to 1918! No luck poor guy: sleep with the king-father, and woke up …

Here is another case. Vladimir M. fell asleep in 1976 and woke up in June 1996. Awakening was difficult: he did not have any friends or acquaintances, he did not made a career and a family.

One of the weirdest cases registered with Nadezhda Lebedeva from the village of Mogilev Dnipropetrovsk region, which had fallen asleep after a quarrel with her husband in 1954, and only woke up 20 years later. However, no disease in her doctors have found.

But for Norwegians Augustine Leggard "start" to become lethargic delivery. Soon after the child into the world she had fallen asleep and woke up only after 22 years!

Virus found lethargy!

Sometimes people come out of the state of lethargy under the influence of a real threat to life. For example, during the Great Patriotic War, as soon as a ombezhka sleeping lethargy suddenly stood up, began to talk. When the danger has passed, again asleep.

By the way, people who slept lethargy for years, waking up, act like a child, inappropriately his age. Most likely, this is because their mind is not developed, but remained at the Junior level.

British scientists have recently isolated the virus infectious lethargy. True, he may be a native speaker, but did not get sick. He passed only through blood (sexually at microtraumas, blood transfusion, the donor — the carrier of the virus), or lactose — from a nursing mother to child. Signs of such a virus can be increased sleepiness or, conversely, insomnia, constant slight malaise, sweating, rapid heart rate. When the disease becomes chronic, all these phenomena cease. However, these symptoms do not mean that the person who they are, can not sleep lethargy. The human mind, as we know, is unpredictable …

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