Life after life

In the Donbas her many venerated as a saint. Not to consider the good, the people brought the woman. Julia F. Vorobyov. Diagnostician world class healer, seer. PASSED THROUGH HER 380 volts at lumberyard mine Petrovsky still remember the incredible day.

Says the worker Tamara Fomenko: — Julia took a shift, even joked that March 8 soon, and in the fridge — although the ball fell, and climbed up to the crane cabin. I do not know why, but I looked at her. She climbed into the cab, and then a terrible crash, a blinding flash right in her face, and I see — Julia fell on the ground. The sound of this was not to convey. So, after that sound nothing alive inside her was not to survive. On all sides rushed people. Has no power, crane operator lowered to the ground. Bent and blackened by the 380-volt shock Vorobyov looked lifeless pupils in overcast leaden skies.

"The End. Pass away" — swept shy whisper. "The three orphans, God, — sighed plaintively in the crowd. — A very-it is only 35 …" Bounced over bumps mine yard "soon." People in white rushed to the body, dyrknul defibrillator. Nothing worked. Craning their necks, caught finishing details: here nurses placed the corpse on a stretcher, jumped on the face edge of the sheet and taken away. It's easy and FREE Petrovka — settlement mine here all know each other inside out. By noon the next day, the local "SHANGHAI" honk only absurd death Crane. Julia is known to all: born at Petrovka, lived here, two lads and a girl were in the care of her husband. In stroytsehe masters coffin to the cemetery moved Kopachi — peck still frozen ground. Julia's body lay in a morgue, awaiting autopsy. … In blue, with whitish mist shreds it floats into a bottomless distance. Tunnel rather guessed than seen. It connects the two worlds — the earth and the underworld.

This is a desert, but it feels a presence: its study, exploration and emotion. From this view nothing to hide, and that she conceal the simple life? About the only child in her grief … His father is no hope. Hardly a day without drinking. Strange, but now, in the air, it does not experience mental fracture all forgiven, envy, bickering left far behind, and the sense of freedom here, and easily so easy, Lord, WOMAN alive in the morgue on the second day after the death of a crane operator Vorobyova morgue sank group of medical students, led by the head of the practice. We briefly outline the nature of occupation, doctor looked at the dead bodies. — That one! — Pointed a gnarled finger. — Cut off the little finger leg — told standing next bespectacled.

— Now I'll tell you something — intriguingly promised respectfully listens youth. Diligent bespectacled flew to blackened corpses of women and, example, famously clutching a scalpel. Blood gushing from his leg. "Oh!" — Drawn "Slayers" down to the floor. Stunned trainees stared at the doctor, believing that it is his surprise. He, however, his mouth open wider than any of the students looked at what is happening with amazement a true professional, who until now was impossible to break through. — At-a — out at last. — Is she alive? "Live!" — Shouted suddenly mighty voice, and powerful hand threw it back to the base of the tunnel-tube. Her body trembled slightly. With some of the students became hysterical. "To live? — Thought in surprise. — But why? Here rest, why back in the old bondage?" In Donetsk raced sensation: a woman alive in the morgue. A few weeks there was a struggle for her life. Then she felt no pain. The pain will be later, never to let go, then amplified to madness, the weakening grip. However, the most unbearable torture — insomnia.

She could not sleep for six months. General. At night, do it out of emptying your head, a job that would be at least some deliverance, was emptied out of hand. MIG ENLIGHTENMENT unusual sensations, not only the brain, but the whole body pulsates and if illuminated from within flash. These lightning invisible to others, but they felt Julia. Her mind slowed down thinking: how could survive? Doctors attribute this "enormous possibilities of the human body." She quickly moved to Home "treatment".

Julia not mad: just so "treated" millions of countrymen, and among the most dreaded of all deficiencies — deficiency of drugs. Sometimes vaguely remember a flight tube, a fabulous sense of liberation from degrading, exhausting the body and soul of earthly troubles. All this is so did not fit into the atheistic upbringing, the usual ideas that Julia took it, in dreams, and only much later to truly appreciate his journey to the underworld. In the meantime, gradually regains consciousness and vision (to go blind and see clearly it will be a few times in the following years). There was a reflection of the surrounding existence: the house is very bad, the same drinking husband, no money at all — invalidskuyu pension will pay in 7 months.

Kids and herself Julia saved from starvation mom and sisters. — She lay there, staring at the ceiling, under-eye dark circles incredibly occasionally tear a ride to the corner of the mouth — says her sister Catherine. — When she said she had with all his ears straining to hear. Speak a word or two and forget where to start and what to do conversation. She ate like a kitten: polizhet-polizhet, and then either cry or harden over the plate — its all tormented, as there are children. Often sudden tremor shook. Shake — let go.

To be honest, we were preparing for the funeral. Julia once again came out of oblivion — stood out from the shadow of an unsteady slender figure of his daughter. Ira, riding the chair, sat motionless in front of the mother and stared at her intently. Blond hair, woven by hand before the parent in two neat braids, were rounded tail now, and it is extremely adult daughter as sharp cheekbones on a tight face. A short distance away, at the window, perched Sasha. My mother saw it in rough vortices head, through the thin staple shirt sticking blades … She suddenly began to sob uncontrollably. Frightened children jumped up, intending to call someone from the adults, but the mother was drawn to him trembling hands. Ira with Sanka timidly moved up to the bed and stood, feeling the touch of a warm maternal palm. They cried three, and it was a moment of enlightenment. "I think — says Julia F., — that is from the moment the desire to live." "Am I losing my mind?" A fresh blood came, and already lighter black markings on the body, traces of electric shock. Meanwhile, the left eye is still blind, and Julie patiently went for check-ups, treatments. She gave direction to the Odessa Center of Filatov.

Shortly before she was standing at a bus stop and then … Inside, standing in front of a woman suddenly began to move snakes. Julia closed her horrified eyelashes, opened her eyes: the snake continued to squirm, she calmly waited for the bus. "Oh my God, am I losing my mind?" — Thought. She rushed home, but haunted haunting sight to the very door. Broke into the dank twilight and at the site of the second floor was faced with a neighbor. — Che persecuting, then? — She called out.

— Rape, rob? And Julia could not answer, because … a neighbor also tossed snakes! Apartment door cut her from the strange visions. Something pushed to the ledge with school textbooks, she snatched the anatomy, frantically rustled pages. That's it! A man in a cut, and intestines, if set in motion, — exactly like a snake nest. So what? Bowel cancer, but her half-blind with leshego they introduced? Ran from the school first Ira, then Sanka. Askance, Julia looked at them quickly. No, thank God, the serpent. The fact that neither himself nor family healers diagnose and treat, as a rule, is not given. "YULINKA from you blows warm …" Was twenty-odd years. We sit with Julia Fyodorovna in a small, cozy apartment of her, and she says … Yuri Andropov and Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin, Vladimir Putin, Francois Mitterrand, Patriarch Pimen, Pope John Paul II, Kravchuk and Kuchma, Pugachev and Rotaru, Khazanov and Petrosyan, almost all the astronauts, many artists … Some celebrities she looked at least a hundred, and the common people — thousands.

Many, many rescued — a diagnosis, to give advice. Incredulous Yulian Semyonov, talking to Vorobyev, brought her daughters: one advised the surgery, which prevented the development of a terrible disease, and the second, completely bald, hair returned. Semenov since prayed for a miracle-Donchanka, dedicated her novel "Auction". Addicting nature, Semenov introduced Julia to the world of stars in Moscow, soon it warned of a grave illness Emmanuel Vitorgan. He does not believe, but still force yourself, referring to the familiar doctor. And after examination, confirmed the forecast Vorobyova urgently falls on the operation. "Julia, my savior — called her Vitorgan. — You — a miracle, really!" "Yulinka from you emanate such warmth" — echoed Vladimir Molchanov, who watched the triumph Vorobyova in Basel, at the World Congress of parapsychologists.

Of the two and a half thousand people, it was the first, stunned everyone in the final establishment of the exact nature of the unknown anomaly anyone French peasant. In Japan it for three weeks and scientists explore, battle, make her the nickname "the woman the X-ray." Diagnosis Vorobyova accurate and deeper their amazing medical equipment. Svyatoslav Fyodorov, incredulous at first, like most physicians, in its phenomenon, was struck on the spot, when Julia told him: "I do not see your leg." But disability Fedorov know then just a few people. Then frantic Svyatoslav examining evidence of ultra-precision equipment, Julia insisted: "You are blind, behold, devices show: blind you!"

And pulling up to the window. "The car is over there!" — Commanded abruptly. "Volga", green — calmly reported to it. Meeting in Delhi with Rajiv Gandhi, Julia F. predicted the day of his death. This is attested to by specialists offices anomalies Soviet Academy of Sciences, to organize that trip to India. In her life mysteriously intertwined so mystical and earthly. Apart from grateful patients, faced Julia F. envy, meanness, deceit. She did not judge, no one else holds the evil. But it's so hard it gives the third, no invisible life.

Rate is only capable of those who have experienced something similar. However, the second Vorobyova not. One it truly unique. Return from the dead, as if all of us as a warning (fame abroad and forgotten at home — a separate and sad story), Julia F. continues to have the world his heartfelt philosophy. — Our darling do not die — she drops her thoughtfully. — And we will always meet. In one, a different life. You'll see …

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